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  1. Back row, left to right :- ?, Andrew Kersey, Steven Garner, ?, Peter Chetwin, Robert Tarrant, ?, Charles Flowers, Peter Meakin, Alan Upton, Russell ?
  2. Alan Randall and Andrew Kersey, with backs to wall
  3. I find after all those years, that it is easier to put names to the photograph, rather than recalling teachers so No, I don't recall her. In my final year at Berridge, I used to visit the headmaster every Friday afternoon to get the daily attendance figure to put onto a graph that I had created. However, I can not remember his name
  4. I look about 9 or 10 years old, so 1960 to 61. I started Berridge in 1956 and left 1963. I have the originals of these school photos and send them to Alan Randal who was a friend in those bygone days