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  1. Hi there thanks for your reply! I don’t really know the reason why the Grey Topper closed when it did ! I’ve just ordered the book The palace and the Punks ! So maybe it will come to light then ! I never actually went to the festival my brother who was for years older used to go !
  2. I spent some fantastic times at the G.T it’s a shame it closed like it did no where has ever come close to it I remember seeing Freddie and the dreamers ,Paper Lace ,Bitter Suite, Screaming lord sutch ,Rubbettes, Fantastics , Mud ,Light Fantastic, and many more ! I remember the supper dances nights when you paid to go in and saved your ticket to get a small snack of chips and a small pie it was delicious! And the bitter was scotch always served in plastic glasses!! Loved it wish I had taken some photos inside but no mobile phone then ! Just had problems getting back home because last bus was