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  1. @katyjay could of called it Donker !!!
  2. Good luck COL, hope all goes well for you lad !
  3. @nonnaB happy 80th lass , you are looking good on it !!!
  4. Linda McCartney vegetarian sausage, never did take to that, give me a good owd sausage butty any day of the week !
  5. @Jill SparrowI've never seen bullet proof lettuce !
  6. @benjamin1945 anywhere but bulwell that would be fun !!!!
  7. Them chinese takeaway merchants always used to get abit of flak from the drunks turning out the pubs didn't they ? But once one server who resemble fu manchu got his own back I asked if he got pork dumplings , and he replied "no, it's just the way i walk "
  8. @nonnaB i can feel sympathetic regards your soaring temperature, it's 35c here in the Philippines, have take a midday siesta, too hot to get in the garden , evening time is much nicer , abit cooler at 24c
  9. @mary1947 years ago back in the 60s a boy riding a scooter would be called a big jessie !
  10. @mary1947 sailing or flying get anxious about both alternatives, My worse case scenario would be flying and the plane nose diving into a cruise ship , i can't swim , that's a lie really i can swim...... like a brick !!!
  11. And no in-flight snacks on arriving at colwick terminus !
  12. @mary1947 very true a telephone box that actually works instead of plants and reading books in it , and occasionally saucy ladies calling cards , not that i ever availed meself of a card mind !!!!
  13. @philmayfield the timer has good taste !!!!!
  14. @MELTONSTILTON would like to hear more about your battle of the bean field and locked up in clink , was it tins of beans at dawn !!!!!
  15. Remember seeing shirley bassey at glastonbury on TV not actually at the concert ,nice to an oldie still belting out tune , Would have loved to seen Bonnie Raitt perfoming one of my personal favorite artist , but i am afraid my open toe sandals ain't gonna cope with that squelching mud ! Used to go through Glastonbury on the national express coach on the way to Devon on holiday , some eccentric looking people living there !
  16. Anyway I'd like to keep this topic up in the air, remember a cheap package holiday digs,grub and flight included to majorca, air2ground i think it was called , Anyway they were guiding this chap up the stairs to the plane , completely bladdered he was, I said look at that , it's disgraceful, the stewardess turned around to me and said " i know , he flying the plane an all "
  17. Two pints of bitter shandy and I'm anybodies !!
  18. There use to be a chinese takeaway in bulwell market 1970,s somewhere near the jockey pub , i went in after chucking out time from the pubs three sheets to the wind , the chinese guy said "what you wan " i said i have you got rabbit ? " No labbit" Okay give me a No18, a couple of them 23s, and to finish off a 99, He wrapped it all up and said £10.25 , I said HOW MUCH ?? Sod it I've only got 50 pence , give us a vegetable spling loll then !!!!!
  19. @katyjay wot did you name your pet conker , i remember we used to throw sticks up the conker trees near morley school, st anns well rd i think ? Hoping we'd get a good,un !!
  20. @Jill Sparrow very true , when my dad worked on a building site he'd bring home assorted blocks of wood , abit like yer 60s version of jenga or tetris block !
  21. Thank you @benjamin1945 maybe i took it the wrong way , i was a little defensive in my comments to @Cliff Ton sorry to hear that rob had passed Away, but at the same time i feel it's good to share about this topic, because other people experience similar problems when flying ,