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  1. Billy Connolly tells a fantastic joke about his mam putting a heavy overcoat on the bed in winter but calling it an eiderdown whenever they had visitors. I can't stop crying with laughter every time I hear it because that's exactly what my dad did putting a coat on my bed!!
  2. Hi @DJ360 I've seen from a couple of your posts you live near St. Helens. My father was from Sutton and my Auntie Mary still lives there. When he was alive, even though he hadn't lived there for over thirty years, he still referred to it as going up home when we visited. I still remember being out on the streets with my cousins and their friends laughing every time I said anything because I "talked funny"
  3. Unfortunately Britain's motorway network was conceived in the 1950s based upon a volume of traffic and vehicle design that was already out of date when the first section, the Preston by-pass later M6, opened in 1958. The problems built in to the expanding motorway network by this flawed planning were further compounded by the Beeching report when 4000 miles of rail routes were lost forcing more traffic on to the roads. Subsequent decisions to prioritise passenger travel on the railways rather than freight also led to further congestion. In a nutshell our road system is hopelessly out of
  4. Can't go far wrong with Bosch or Makita in my experience, both solid dependable tools. Like @Oztalgian I also had a small Karcher hoover and recognise everything you've said about it When it finally gave up the ghost I bought a Titan hoover from Screwfix and have been impressed with it. Only niggle for me is the dust bags tend to split when they start to fill up covering the filter in cack
  5. The track paralleled Cross Street for a 100 yards or so coming out on Cherry Close. I used to walk along there most days to Redhill school with my mate Stef who's parents were the steward and stewardess at the Labour Club
  6. @mary1947 Thanks for your reply but it was my dad who knew The Wheatsheaf and the landlord well through his job as a managed house stocktaker for Home Brewery. I went to school in Arnold
  7. More years ago than I care to remember the landlord of the Wheatsheaf on Sneinton Road, Keith Brand if I remember correctly, was a good friend of my dad's. Keith had an Alsatian, who's name escapes me, who used to lay on his back catching the drips of beer from the hose couplings when the tanker delivered to the pub
  8. No @philmayfield that went to Basford and Shippos. Brewery drew theirs direct from Arnold Park pond, it was the duck s#!t that gave their bitter it's unique taste
  9. I remember in the 1976 heatwave there was a lot of talk about Home Brewery stopping brewing due to the water shortages but my dad, who worked there as a managed house stocktaker, said that wouldn't happen as they drew water from their own underground well.
  10. There's no denying that Bacharach & David were fantastic songwriters and masters of their genre. However in my opinion, for what it's worth, H-D-H as part of Motown changed the face of music, introducing soul to mainstream white America and were part of the soundtrack to major world events. A sound that is still fresh today
  11. Just read that Lamont Dozier, one of the legendary Motown songwriters Holland- Dozier- Holland, has died aged 81
  12. Ahhh.....Olivia Neutron-bomb. She was the stuff of many a sixteen year old's dream, then we grew up and found that, like some of the finest things in life, she grew ever more beautiful