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  1. @trogg wherever I've been in the world I've always considered it the number one priority to learn how to order a beer 'cause you can't always trust the water!!
  2. ¡hola @Beekay! Lo siento, mi esposa no puede hablar español y soy hablar solo un poco...... @RadFordee can only just get her tongue around English never mind a foreign language!!!!
  3. A lad I knew years ago came out of the Army after joining as a boy soldier, aged 16, serving 12 years and seeing action in The Falkland Islands & Northern Ireland. He applied to join the Police and at his interview board was told, that whilst he was an exceptional candidate, they were deferring his application for 12 months as 'he had no experience of life in civvy street' and would not, in their opinion, be able to relate to the ordinary man in the street. After some while thinking about it he came to agree with them, in effect he'd become institutionalised. The Army had always provided a
  4. @BeekayWhy do you think I keep my head down and trap shut?
  5. Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue) - The Temptations
  6. @benjamin1945Everyone has something they like to do in their shed, the dance hall is obviously your shed! Don the appropriate workwear and go to it.....
  7. Owd Boots was really popular when it opened up as such as it was the first pub with a video jukebox in Nottingham I believe
  8. Working on a 36 hour week and taking out 30 minutes unpaid dinner that would be £11.55 gross if my maths is correct. Seems to me to be quite low for 1973 for a 'handyman' who you would expect to have some skills (Obviously not a tradesman) Anyone bear that out or maybe just a euphemism for a glass collector/washer/cleaner etc
  9. @benjamin1945 I worked for a company in Mansfield for a couple of years in the early '90s. Thankfully I've never had to go back
  10. Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon.......Brilliant and darkly comedic https://youtu.be/7OtS84nLFYU
  11. Just seen that Jerry Lee Lewis has died aged 87. A true Rock 'n Roll great, RIP.
  12. Simply ABC Assume nothing Believe no-one Confirm for yourself