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  1. @letsavagoo& @troggi never even thought about people still using coal in stoves or log burners, our house on gamble st just had 2 fireplaces in the front & back living rooms, the rest of the house was unheated, & ice on the inside of the bedrom windows was a regular thing in the winter.
  2. Sorry ct also me just assuming that you meant they were still in the business too.
  3. Thanks bk thats a long way to bring coal, & thanks phil m look forward to any more info you supply, has brought back another memory from my childhood in radford.
  4. @philmayfieldyes i was very surprised when cliffton said earlier that they were still around as i didn't think there would be any demand for coal nowdays either, i cant think of anyone i know who uses it. And wonder where it comes from since all the pits closed? .
  5. Thank you i was only asking as i am pretty sure that at the time i am talking about they did live in the house at the coal yard on ireton st, so may have moved there after that house was demolished. It always seemed a very big grand house to those of us who lived in a 2 up 2 down.
  6. @philmayfieldthanks for the reply phil m & am pleased that you confirmed the sons name shows my old grey matter is still working , what era would that have been when he lived in fiskerton? & he did always deliver our coal on a lorry maroon colour i think no pony though.
  7. I have only just noticed looking at the photo again the date of 1976, this must probably be 1 of the last photo's taken of those premises as that is the year we moved from gamble st & mass demolition began in that area. Walking around there now on google maps there are very few houses left from that era, the only thing thats instantly recognisable is all saints church.
  8. Thanks for the reply ct, at the time i only knew of the radford premises so it's interesting to learn that maybe the same family operated in other area's & am very surprised to hear they are still going too.
  9. @Cliff Tonhave just been reading the coal man thread & noticed that you mention getting your coal in clifton from nevins, they also used to deliver our coal on gamble st, it was cyril nevin & his son who's name i'm sure was richard, their house & yard were on ireton st just off raleigh st then, there is a pictue of the premises on picture nottingham NTGMO13850 possibly the same family?.
  10. @Beekaythanks bk & @MRS Bthanks for your vote of confidence in me, my other half hey arnold says i'm a luddite where technology is concerned.
  11. Thankyou kind sir very good of you & i will have a look at your tutorial when i get home & see if i can do it.
  12. It appears that wicksteed are still manufacturing playground equipment today, we took our grandkids to our local play park in hilton derbyshire earlier this week where they have just installed a lot of new stuff all bearing the wicksteed name, i did take a photo but have no idea how to post it. And i also remember the large slide on radford rec at the corner of ilkeston rd & lenton boulevard had that name on each step.
  13. @Jill Sparrowi could just imagine the scene, you & pickleface conversing over coffee & cake.
  14. I remember when we used to go on the annual outing to blackpool in the late 70' & early 80's with the arnold working mens club where hey arnolds parent's were regulars, his dad was on the commitee, skillies coach parked outside 8am sunday morning being loaded up with crate's of home ales IPA & apollo pop & a box of crisps for the kids, great times.
  15. @Jill Sparrowbet you dont have coffee morning's with any of your old manning teacher's jill .