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  1. My very first attempt at making a victoria sponge was at HMP Manning. I don't know what I did wrong as I followed the recipe in the book to a tee, however the sponges resembled two slices of toast. The teacher who went round at the end of the lesson marking everyone's efforts took one look at mine and just rolled her eyes.
  2. The cake diet sounds perfect to me MRS B and coffee and walnut is also my favourite cake too, although I do also like a nice victoria sponge as long as there is plenty of jam and buttercream in it.
  3. I am pretty sure i heard/read somewhere that the serial killer Harrold Shipman was a pupil at High Pavement. If anyone can confirm this?
  4. I aint got a ruddy clue what that says BK
  5. @Beekayi never knew that Radford Boulevard was one of them posh schools that taught Spanish BK.
  6. @BeekayNo its all Chinese to me, I asked him indoorsI can manage hola, adios and dos San Miguel por favor, thats my full Spanish vocabulary.
  7. BK if you think we are barbaric you should have met Pickleface! She would have made mincemeat of you and any other male on here, probably two at a time
  8. Hope your best friend was ok and forgave you Mrs B.
  9. @Jill Sparrowspot on Jill, I knew you would know who it was Such a shame you missed with that javelin but well done with the hockey stick! I think she hated any girl who didn't share her passion for all things sport.
  10. @benjamin1945I'm glad to hear you got your revenge on the teacher who destroyed your rattle, I totally agree with Margie H what a horrible thing to do to a child. I have never had any interest in, and have always hated any kind of sport and was always useless at it. At the Manning we had one particular games Mistress(Jill will know to whom I am referring)who seemed to take a great deal of delight in belittling girls like me with her vitriolic comments and put downs in front of the whole class.
  11. And rightly so Mrs B that Mr B wears his medals with pride. Dedicating 22 years to serving your Country is phenomenal in my book. He has my utmost respect and admiration, as do you, as being a forces wife is often not the easiest life either.
  12. A very proud day for us, we went to see our 7 year old Granddaughter take part in her first rememberance service with the Brownies this morning. She stood there looking proud as punch. It was very well attended and was lovely to see so many youngsters taking part, the Brownies, Guides, Scouts and the local army cadets and pupils from both of the local primary schools laid wreaths, as these children are the generation who will hopefully ensure that this momentus tradition continues to be upheld long after we are all gone. 'Am also not ashamed to admit that it always brings tears to my eyes
  13. @Cliff Tonyes I suppose it was a fair way out of the city centre for folk to walk with their shopping. I think its location was probably why Grandma liked it though, a short walk down Bath st and then would it have been up King Edward st? Grandma like most folk back then shopped at least every other if not everyday for fresh goods.