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  1. Just popped into my head from nowhere - Heather Moult, I think. Anybody else remember her?
  2. Hi Stavertongirl, I remember an attractive girl called Heather. I think her parents had a shop at the junction of Wollaton Rd and Russell Dr, opposite the Wheelhouse pub and I seem to remember her Dad drove a Cadillac; very exotic in those days. Do you think she was the one? Dark curly hair, I think.
  3. Did they go to Bilborough, Lizzie? The names don't ring a bell with me but my sister was born in '55 so would have been around the same school year and might recognise the names. Do you know where they lived?
  4. It sounds like quite a few members saw Mr Jacobs over the last few years. Sadly, I never made it to one of the reunions and didn't come across him again. I took the attached classroom photo in what looks as if it was a German lesson, although I only ever remember having him for French. That's Taff Harvey on the left.
  5. That's correct about Taff - a great bloke and a traumatic event for our whole year when he died. I think he got a knee in the head in the first half of a match and felt a bit groggy, but played the second half nevertheless. He started to feel unwell that evening and was rushed to head injury unit at Derby hospital, but didn't recover. Head injurys in rugby - still a hot topic more than 50 years later! My brother, Bill, later married Liz.