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  1. What number was The Sandpiper? It wasn't where Propaganda was?
  2. I've heard so many stories about her! What was she like?
  3. These are mega - I cannot believe how claustrophic it feels though! I'm out of practise of packed out gigs post-Covid!!
  4. It looks like it changed around '76 or '77 into a punk venue. I can see adverts before that where it was just a caberat place
  5. Wow, I didn't realise they had The Cure! I never knew any of this until today when I found the poster for the Wayne County gig. I was trying to find out what happened to it post-1975 when it was being marketed as a caberat club for 'those who like the finer things in life' - I kid you not that was the tag line!
  6. That sounds amazing - by that I mean the music not the idiots! But I couldn't believe the list of bands I saw everyone from Wayne County to John Cooper Clark to Buzzcocks.
  7. I'm researching old pubs and came across the Sandpiper. It appears to have had a change of management around '76 or '77 moving more into punk. Does anyone have any memories of it and was it known as a punk club?
  8. Does anyone remember The Bamboo Cafe? It would have been on Mansfield Road before the Cemetary. I don't if its 60s or 70s. Curious if anyone has memories, dates or photos!
  9. What was it like? I've heard so many stories over the years!
  10. Does anyone know when Zhivagos closed? I've been looking for answer for this for no other reason then I'm bored with a pint! But I'd love to know: when it closed? what it became after that? why it closed? Thanks in advance if anyone can help!
  11. Does anyone have any memories of this place? I've been trying to figure out the dates for it as well. I think someone told me it was originally opened by a guy who owned a sex shop called Delta Love somewhere in Nottingham. It would have been around 1987 I think. Dates, memories and photos would be great if anyone remembers it!
  12. Fascinating! I did find this randomly which confirms the El Toreador link: @philmayfield What was it like inside?
  13. Hello Wondering if anyone had any memories of the Sargasso Coffee bar? I was wondering if someone knows where it was as I believe it may be part of Nottingham Trent University today. Would love if anyone had any old photos of memories of it. I heard it was often full of theatre folk as it was close to theatre royal Thanks!
  14. Weird isnt it! I don't know what make a 'long life' pub vs a short life one.