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  1. I'm really curious as to wht Jimmy was like - his name has been mentioned a lot to me in relation to the venues he ran where gay people used to drink!
  2. Thank you -this has to be the place referenced.
  3. I can see one very terrible photo online below the hotel where starbucks used to be. Not sure if this is what they are referring to though. I saw the reference today randomely and can't remember if it said bar or pub. There wasn't anything else with a similar name?
  4. I saw a reference to a bar called 'The Bentinck' today in an old leaflet on pubs from 1970s Nottingham - I think it was 1974ish. Would this have been the one on Station Street which is now a Starbucks or were there others with the same name? Does anyone remember it? Niche question I know!
  5. Amazing - this is really helpful. So it looks as if it would have gone then as part of phase 3 of the redevelopment. Its so weird to think all of these places were just knocked down and gone.
  6. I am surprised that it doesn't tbh. Its normally pretty good for stuff like that.
  7. There is so little on it - no one has a photo and there appears to be nothing in the newspaper archives either! Sometimes you can get a name or an event/advert in there. The St Ann's demolition page has a brief line to say what street it was on but nothing more.
  8. A conversation with someone led to a mention of this pub - the New Town Pub in St. Ann's The landlady opened a gay bar upstairs in it! Does anyone know where it would have been or anything about it (even if its not lgbt+ or not!) I would love to know when it opened/closed and what it was like during the 1960s whcih is when the upstairs would have been converted
  9. Interesting, I've noted both and I will ask him!
  10. Quite possibly. His memory is really really sharp but this was the only thing he couldn't recall!
  11. Interesting. Is there anything in the surrounding streets maybe? He did say it wasn't the Alma
  12. This is a question for an older friend as we were discussing pubs on Bentinck Road in the 1960s (maybe even 1970s) He used to go to one that he said had drag acts on and also, someone called Cassie on the piano. Can people remember any pubs on the road around that time? I'd love to be able to jog his memory of which one it might be! He said the drag act was by someone called Johnny Peach
  13. What number was The Sandpiper? It wasn't where Propaganda was?