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  1. Fascinating! I did find this randomly which confirms the El Toreador link: @philmayfield What was it like inside?
  2. Hello Wondering if anyone had any memories of the Sargasso Coffee bar? I was wondering if someone knows where it was as I believe it may be part of Nottingham Trent University today. Would love if anyone had any old photos of memories of it. I heard it was often full of theatre folk as it was close to theatre royal Thanks!
  3. Weird isnt it! I don't know what make a 'long life' pub vs a short life one.
  4. That's wild to see the pub there! I can't really image going into the Vic Centre for a pint but then.....when I think of it I have been to the Street Food Club to be fair! What caused all of them to go?
  5. - Thanks for merging the topic! I cannot believe there were once pubs in Vic centre! Lol. I thought i was going mad reading the above comment about it moving license but that makes sense if there were once pubs in there. Its sad there are no photos remaining apart from this one in the distance
  6. So am I reading it right that they wanted to move locations? Am I reading it correctly that they wanted a premises within VCentre?
  7. - Curious as to what you mean with not real women? (Apologies! I wasn't sure!)
  8. Anyone with any information on the Napier inn/Pub on Union Street? Apparently this was quite popular in the 1960s and would have been around the back of where Aldi was? I'm struggling to find any information on it or photos
  9. @Cliff TonI would have said the same but oddly, the book where i found the name distinctly used an i instead of e which I found really weird! I thought I'd use I here so that I could find out if it was a typo in the book or a deliberate spelling change
  10. This is a long shot but does anyone remember Dickins Bar in The George? I've been researching old LGBT+ venues and this is one of them. I believe it would have been a tiny bar possibly gentlemen only with pictures of Charles Dickins on the wall. I'm curious about it although I've heard it was very well hidden as a gay venue. I'm curious if anyone knows or or has any details on the others from that era: Flying Horse, Black Boy Hotel, Peach Tree, New Foresters, The Palais.... these would have been 'gay friendly' rather than the out gay bars we know now. Would love to kn
  11. - Curious by 'bomb site car park'? What do you mean? (apologies for all the questions - I'm fascinated by this!) @Cliff Ton
  12. @Cliff TonThats class! I don't think i had realised how residential that area of Nottingham was at that time. What caused the housing to fade away? I've had one theory that the station being built led to a decline which then the centre finished. It would explain why there is a pub in the middle of nowhere! although I appreciate there was a lot more there in the photo from 1937-45. That area now seems hugely neglected now.
  13. Ace Thank you! I was so curious. Its been fascinating to see the building through the years
  14. Do we know when those were taken? @Beekay? The below now looks like it is now and has the pink plaque which was awarded in 2021. The above image could be much older I am so curious as to what that side street between the Awd Boot/White Hart pub was called and what was down there! Not only that, was this street busier before Vic centre opened?
  15. That's incredible! Its really lovely to see the old photos. Looking at the 1970s one - It appears to have a street in between the two buildings that doesn't exist now. In the 1930s photo - there appears to be a pub in between the Forresters and the corner building that comes and goes! Thats now the small little bit that connects the two buildings. It's odd to see them apart! I wonder what that road (if it is a road) was called? I did wodner if that street was always as small and quiet as it is today thanks to Victoria Centre