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  1. Made it smaller ! I'm back row fifth from left
  2. Bit more digging found Mrs Evan's class at whitegate defo me on the back row and can put names to a few others as well - god it makes me feel old. Too big to add the photo here
  3. Followed Cliff Ton's advice found some photos on FB - one of Mrs Stapletons class at Whitegate with what i think is me in it - never realised i was ever that young
  4. Don't really do social media - was on facebook yonks ago but ran out of interesting pictures of meals to post. Tried friendsunited but it closed.
  5. Hague Terrace was in Radford near Denman Street - i think - i was only 4
  6. You're right it was. Went back a few months ago - drove through the estate, Comp pretty much gone and estate looks posher than i remember it.
  7. I was born in Hague Terrace - older sister went to Forster Street School - Grandma lived on Croyden Road next door to Mrs Veesy's Corner Shop - all gone in the slum clearance ! Dont know the John and David Blakes.
  8. Was in Kenyon House - I think harris housemaster. spent most of the time playing footy - i seem to remember loads of games all going on in the playground at the same time using tennis balls and coats/bags for goals.
  9. Getting to the age where i struggle to remember my own name but if anyone remembers me from the good (bad) old days say hi. Peter Blake - Ted - Blakey.
  10. Clfton Estate 1958 to 1980 ish then married and moved to Long Eaton - Fairham Comp 1966 to 1972
  11. Not sure how this works but if you don't try etc