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  1. I know Rowena very well, I married her sister and, yes, that is her above - if you pm your contact details, I'll get them passed to Ro. UPDATE : Didn't read that you had made contact, so please ignore this.
  2. Hi Fewkeste, sorry for the late reply, only just noticed this! Yes, I am, Ben is my younger brother, he came make to the UK briefly but emigrated back out to Hong Kong in 2015. He's on Facebook if you want to make contact or I can provide an email address. I've also recently heard that David Wheatley (famed maths teacher) is still going strong, he's in his nineties and is now a vicar!
  3. I’ve been asked to help out a group who are trying to save what’s left of Hucknall Airfield, in particular, the Wing Hanger which is a very unique structure and under threat of demolition – the aim is to save the hanger and turn it into an aviation museum. I’m sure many of us have fond memories some of us will have memories of being taken to the air displays at Hucknall, or even hearing/seeing the Vulcan bomber that was stationed there. At the moment they’re looking for people to support the campaign, there are a couple ways of doing this - if you're on Facebook could you like/shar
  4. I've not seen him around town for ages, somebody I know thought he might have moved to Sheffield.
  5. Just for information - if you do run out of storage and need lots more, the free account on Flickr provides a limit of 1 terabyte.
  6. A bit of both I think, the paintwork had started to deteriorate plus there was also some graffiti.
  7. That would have been the one on Claremont Road, an annexe at Seely on Perry Road was also used.
  8. There's also quite a few photos on Facebook, some featuring Mr Dibb.
  9. Found this on Friends Reunited some time ago, it's dated 1966 - unfortunately, I've not got a larger version.
  10. This is a nice clip that features Signe and Marty Balin.
  11. I use Elements 13 and it works fine, the only hiccup I've found is that the Windows Picture Viewer can't open Fuji RAF files - that will be corrected eventually; I can get around that by converting the files to DNG or using a different viewer. No problems with jpegs, tiffs etc.
  12. Just remembered that Ian Dury played at Clarenden College as part of Kilburn and the High Roads. That was in the seventies, not sure of the year.
  13. Yes, saw them at the Albert Hall, I think they were on with Uriah Heep - still got the album too, always liked it for the Roger Dean sleeve.
  14. The Boat Club was my main haunt, those I can remember seeing on that small stage include Gary Moore Band, Supertramp, Nazareth, East of Eden, Jack the Lad, UFO, Trapeze, Heavy Metal Kids, Def Leppard, Stretch, The Scorpions. Other gigs that spring to mind - Trent Poly - I can remember Mike Nesmith (Monkees), Focus and Nazareth Palais - Ten Years After, Status Quo Albert Hall - Atomic Rooster, Black Sabbath