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  1. Identical twins do that - and if one breaks a leg, the other one gets hopping mad.
  2. Well at least we know where someone is!
  3. I think they're identical twins..................
  4. OK, just in case I'm reposting this one too......
  5. Time to change those contacts.............
  6. It weould look great sitting on top of your banjo though.
  7. Who didn't get any last night then? !laughing!
  8. Not many left - but cos your a mate.....................
  9. Not so fast, Glasshopper - someone has to answer my earlier pic first!
  10. I know this one - It's the White album by the Beatles. !laughing!
  11. It does eliminate you from the list of suspects, but please remain available for further questioning at a later time. And, don't leave the Country!
  12. Hang on guys - if everyone who knows says they'd better not answer and everyone who doesn't know can't answer it just won't work!! So, someone who does know, say so and then - post a pic!
  13. That's because I read it from the CD sleeve!! Good liink though!
  14. HG - Don't know if Ian is still in Notts - Probably not and probably retired by now! Was there a 'Britannia' insurance in Notts? I can picture a big old building up near the Town centre and I think that was its name. Don't suppose you could at least persuade your friend Suzanne to part with the name of the Company he worked for? I could make a start from there......
  15. It ought to be a crime to post ones like the one on Bip's blog! That's for sure!
  16. Hey up Pete! Had my Motown Classics five on today - That's what love is made of - by Smokey is on there - Great track! I'll buy record collector tomorrow!
  17. Mine kept speeding up! Weird or what?
  18. Talkin of Tunnels, Mick McCardle (cellar man at the Hippo) used to reckon that if you went into the catacombs fom the Hippo's cellar, you could work your way down to the Trip - Dunno if it was true and didn't want to spend years lost in there trying to find out. But, are they really so widespread?