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  1. The first Matrix movie (the rest were rubbish)
  2. I have a few JJ but without checking, I think they're on President? Band of Gold! Chairman of the Board came into the penny one night after gigging at the big club down at the Vicky Centre - what was it called. Anyway they were OK guys! They spoke to me and I was just thrilled!
  3. My mum was born in India (honest) and always said that out there if you cleaned your plate, then it was understood that you were still hungry, so they filled it up again! Pity they don't do that at our local curry house - although I never do quite finish everything! There is just too much anyway!
  4. Well, that was the one though! The other, great unknown label - at least in my book - was Chess. Maybe it was THE great soul label. I say unknown because I think there's a lot of folk who just don't know how much stuff that they love came out on Chess and Cadet - Fontella, Etta, Jackie Ross, Billy Stewart.......................... My first ever Chess record - on the black label, which I still have was Pigmeat Markham's version of 'Here Comes the judge'! Possibly the first rap record ever and definitely loads better than the Motown version - Was it Shorty Long? Can't remember off-hand!
  5. Smart move! Me, I'll be on me own with a pint of Stella!
  6. 'Little sod' springs to mind, probably becasue they were still saying it when I was 30! !jumping!
  7. Don't remember it - how did that go? Do they still have Recs? With witches hats and stuff?
  8. Not sure now, but wasn't Dance to the music on Direction? ANyway it was brill!
  9. OK - It's for real - but why? Do we know why?
  10. Time is tight was definitely one of my favourites - Booker T - Great guy, great band, although is Wedding Album wasn't quite the best thing he ever did. Worth a few quid now though. I sold my copy to selecta for about a quid!
  11. The original Star Wars trilogy!
  12. Mummy 3 last night - we didn't even make it to the end!
  13. Wich just had me whistling 'Dock of the Bay' Did you see the 'hit the road Stax' show over Christmas together with the history of Stax? I think it was all on BBC 4 - brilliant stuff!
  14. Is that a wind up or is it for real?
  15. How about Transporter 1 Shoot 'em up History of violence AND All of the Lord of the Rings ones
  16. The weather might be rubbish - but we do 'ave a larf! !clapping!
  17. Take a look round the Palace of Westminster any day of the wek - It's life Kev, but not as we know it....
  18. I have photos of a couple of cops - New York and San Francisco - but they're in uniform so I guess not Federal?
  19. You - you're driving me crazy - The temperence seven. Oops - sorry - wrong post - I'd better go and take me own tabs too!
  20. Deer Hunter was awesome! Pretty Woman and Notting Hill - It may just be Julia Roberts! Oh, and quite new - The Jane Austen Book CLub. I thought Quantum of Solace was a bit of a loss too - not as good as Casino Royale.