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  1. I read about this - It's true, from today it's illegal to take pictures of the police as a 'preparatory' act for terrorism, but as we all know 'terrorism' laws have been used to spy on people who have dogs out for a walk! So, my guess is anyone, anywhere with a camera is in deep doo dah!
  2. How do you get on with Sigourney?
  3. Yes, but it did have Dianna Rigg in it....... !!
  4. You are the boss! Something good is goinf to happen to you - Carla And one that I think you you used to play - which was a jawdropper when it first came out - Theme from Shaft!
  5. Hey up me duck! Butch Cassidy was one of the best, I think!
  6. What colour? Do they feed you? Do they pay you? If you do really well, do you get to be a regular?
  7. I did a search but couldn't find the right palce to post, so it's here for now. I know wha most peole listen to but what movies are your favourites? Here's a couple of my own! Easy Rider Fried green tomatoes at the Whistle-stop cafe Summer Holiday
  8. It did that four times in the last fortnight round here! My neighbour even nicked me snow for his little boys snowman repairs!
  9. That is such an amazing thing! Never seen its like before! Thank you very much!
  10. I have this program for storing me record detail and it let's me enter bar codes to find stuff on the vendors database. Sometimes there seems to be a pattern and that set me to wondering - is there one? There's almost always someone on here who can answer any question, so does anyone know about this - or should I go google?
  11. I know some of you will have perfect ways of doing this, but in my case when I can turn my electric shower back from 8 to 7 it usually means Winter is finally on the way out. Anyone got anything more reliable?
  12. Nope - but here I am nearly 59 and never been even asked. Gimme a murder trial!
  13. !clapping! Now that's funny! What about Carla Thomas - B-a-b-y!
  14. I so knew you were going to say that! I like the whatever the woman is the best!
  15. Not laughing - it was a treat! I also had a thing for their banana milk shakes plus which I still think real tommy sauce comes out of a red, plastic tomato!
  16. Do they still sell that Autralian White Wine that was great for cleaning your paintbrushes?
  17. A band you don't here much about is the Fanastic 4 - check 'em out singing 'Can't Stop Looking For My Baby'
  18. Knock on wood - Eddie Floyd - now that was a belter!
  19. What about the Musters on a Sunday Afternoon! (well if you lived on Epperstone Road it was handy!) It did have a unique atmosphere too!
  20. Hey up Robin, the more the merrier!
  21. Admin definitely has a way with words - not only brings back memories, but I'm sitting here wishing for a good old-fashioned fog! Most we get round her is a heavy mist.
  22. He's right. We're all strange on here but we're not strangers! Happy Birthday!
  23. I think maybe they wore aprons - but I don't remember black uniforms.............
  24. Was that the multicolured rainbow sherbert? Haven't seen that for years! Must have a look at picture the past!