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  1. The only not happy band I know is sad cafe! I'll have to think on it.
  2. Not surprised that no one has guessed - I'd have to google and that would spoil it! Gis a clue
  3. Two Apples and you have that well-known band - Apples in Stereo!
  4. Rock on Fynger............ !clapping!
  5. I've been mad for years, absolutely effin' years, I know I have
  6. Sure they would - they'd download loads of tunes onto it. !!
  7. Well, that's cool! Maybe I should have spelt it - SoulfYnger?
  8. Where is it you live again! Mind you, it's probably true here as well!
  9. That Johnny Taylor track was great! On the blue label, how about Soulfinger?
  10. Aha - but - if it's dark how will they see me? :tongue:
  11. Seems like someone in Blackpool disliked the one there so much they set fire to it! I thought it was fine the way it was too, although the gobbing from upstairs did put a dampner on things every now and then!
  12. I always thought he was THE motown songwiter - but Craig may have other ideas! Watever, this is a belting track!
  13. I had a stax afternoon - and it makes a change from motown, so I thought I'd list a couple of my favourite stax trax and see if anyone else has any as well! Lovey Dovey - Otis and Carla And two of the early ones from the relaunch on the yellow label with the finger-snap - Soul Limbo and Private Number
  14. OK - I swear this is a true story! I went down to the local police station, to report an online scam for which I had the fake cheque and everything. Anyway, there was a lady in front of me who wanted to arrange to pay a speeding fine, but she had a problem, she had a European licence and the desk manager (they don't use real policemen any more apparently) wasn't having any of it. He told her that not only couldn't she use the licence to pay the fine, she couldn't carry on driving with it! 'But, it's A European licence and we're in Europe' she said. Thsi all went back and forth for ages an
  15. I understand the preserving thing, but in my mind - maybe 'cos I'm getting old now - we ought to be able to preserve more than that. I grew up in a community with a sense of belonging, where everyone knew me and looked out for me - as well as everyone else. There was none of this driving about stuff - I walked to school sfe as houses, teachers hugged me if I tripped over and stuck a plaster on my knee. AND I got to play triangle in the school orchestra! The backs used to be bright with washing on the lines, steps were red leaded and the streets were clean. Not much in the way of aspiratio
  16. At our school, they wore the gingham cloth and ate the cakes before we could snaffle 'em! But that does remind me - it must have been carnival day or something, but there used to be the most amazing floats, decked out in floweres and streamers; dozens of troups of boys and girls, all dressed up and marching to the park. I remember the girls used to slap their thighs (no really) and they'd raise bright red marks on their legs - there was also a bunch who did 'twirly stick' stuff. I was maybe 11 or 12 then and it was the most magic day in the year! Now, round here, because of 'elf and safe
  17. I never knew the Notts pits, but in the Potteries we had Hem Heath and Florence - two really big workings and half the town worked in them. The other half worked in the pot banks, so at the end of the day, you'd see black guys - caked in coal dust cycling or walking home and white peeple covered in clay dust doing the same. The pits were more than work, they were a way of life really and now they're recreation areas. I don't go back very often now, but when I do it is such a sad place. It's heart and soul have gone.
  18. The thing is Bip, these ministers and what have you talk about supporting sport and sponsoring sport, but they never seem to cotton on as to what could really make a difference - like putting up a statue, or a plaque or whatever that honours the people that we all think are brill. I suspect there's a diversity quota at work somewhere. I've seen some ice skating live and it is gob-smackingly thrilling. I never saw T&D but even on the vidie you can see that they are the Astaire and Rogers of their age - I doubt they'll ever be bettered!
  19. Had hard to find classics, vol 3 on today which has Kim Weston singing 'looking for the right guy' Loved Kim, still love this!
  20. All the long, narrow pubs that they had in Longton, where I grew up, have gone too - Sort of terraces knocked into one long room, small bar, bunch of tables, sawdust on the floors of the posher ones, lods of domis and cries of 'one for his knob' from the crib players - oh and not a juke box or anything, but neough smoke from the parkies and the woodies so that you didn't really need to smoke your own!
  21. This site really does have an effect - now I walk round Tesco's looking for the things that have gone! No Cross & Blackwell soup, no Spangles and no Caramac!
  22. They all have something about them, but waht really upset me when I cam over in the summer is all the ones that have disappeared. specially, moist especially the Flying Horse and the Dog and Bear
  23. How do they know it really is dark on the dark side?
  24. Not just a great site - the one, the only - THE BEST!