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  1. In the end, after checking out the options, I always come back to Dell. Maybe not the cheapest and maybe not the best but overall the least worry. I think maybe over the last ten years or so I've had three Dell machines and maybe made two phone calls for help. As for the good folks in Mumbai - seems to me that most help-desks are out there these days, so it's a neutral factor.
  2. I thinkit was Craig himself! There was a video of T&D (probably several) which I haul out every now and then and the truth is they were awesome - absolute magic!
  3. We are definitely talking about the same Ian - that's my man. Hope you can get a lead on him for me, I would so love to say hi!
  4. As it happens, nearly all the youg girls that come to my yoga classes are way out of condition compared to the folks over 35. After a couple of weeks, they complain that it's to much like hard work and disappear Something has definitely gone wrong somewhere.
  5. Caz, take no notice, this site has turned into an opium Den - Even Ian does ten lines a night! Still, Happy Birthday anyway!
  6. Next thing you know, it'll be raining nuts and bolts and the councils won't have the right sort of grit for dealing with it, and the schhols will close, and the buses won't run and the world will end. PS - Beefy, do you really have a pit stop at the end of your drive? Cool!
  7. Oops - sorry! Anyway, HG, do you remember Ian's pale blue V dub? Plus he also had a girlfriend (barmaid) at T&P - she looked like a lot of his girlfriends, long brown hair, tall, willowy, frop dead gorgeous..... Also, like a lot of them, she was called Janet or Janice! He also had a favourite opening line - 'Tickle your arse with a feather' and when the girl said 'what did you say?' he did his knicker-melting smile and said 'I said, Typical Manchester weather'. He made it all look so easy! He told me that after pulling at T&P, where there was real competition, pulling in town was
  8. Blonde hair? Little bit of backcombing? Dressed to perfection and more chat-up lines than Euston has railway lines! Amazing bloke really! There was another Mancunian turned up for a while - taller than Ian - bleached-blonde hair - called Clive. He cut Trevor (if we have the same trevor) with a steel comb and then left town! Trevor, in handcuffs, was dragging two cops around in the Hippo as he tried to pursue Clive! Clive actuall fled - with his face whiter than his hair! Never did like him! Dunno, could have been Sandra? Could have been Mavis - all I can see is the face! Pat'll know
  9. Yes he did work at a club in Manchester - Time and Place I think. He had been in the army and then worked the clubs and then decided to get educated. It so has to be the same Ian!! I don't suppose two miracles are possible - would Suzanne remember him? Would she be able to contact him? Or maybe even remember the name of his company and then I could kind of contact someone there!
  10. Yes he did! He just upped and quit - well, almost. Neither of us had been in the poly for the whole term and were on our way out anyway. Ian had met a girl - petite, dark haired - Janice? Janet? Very shy girl. Having talked me out of settling down when we met - so I could be his ugly mate - he suddenly decided to quit college get married himself and get a job - with the Insurance company - Colonial? Imperial? Wish I could remember. I was supposed to be best man but I had a very heavy night before - I think I'd ben tripping - and never made it out of bed. He never forgave me. :-( I th
  11. Mind you - you saying that about a tall girl brings back a memory of a tallish, pretty blonde - hair parted centrally (?) style a bit like early Lulu? I think she worked the top bar sometimes. Do you remember her? Is that you? Pat, does it ring any bells with you?
  12. Magic our Mick, but watch out for the operforming arts rights liberation whatever they are - they'll make you take out a licence!
  13. She wasn't tall - it was just the step behind the bar! Colin was in love with her - so was I and Steve and Ian and..............................Pat will know who it was! She can't have been from Manchester 'cos I'd remember Ian using that as a way in to her affections - he was a Manchester lad, at the poly, with me. But for Ian, I'd never have gone out on the town! But, I would be a barister making gazillions defending the worlds businessmen from there just desserts! Hmm, maybe I made the right choice after all!
  14. You have a thing for Aliens? There's a movie you should watch - with Sigourney Weaver - Bip fathered those mean little suckers! Right now he's in pursuit of Putin's grandaughter, which may result in a visit from some Russian guys armed with radioactive suppositrys! Be prepared Bip! Don't ever bend over unless you're sure no one is lurking behind you. Nuclear Bip + suppositry
  15. Hi Hippo Girl! That is such a good question - but I keep wondering it about so many people! How come there's only about half a dozen of us left? I sometimes wonder if I've misremembered it all! Don't suppose you ever had any luck with Alex? Passionate Pat? There are just so many people I'd love to say 'and how's your life been then' to! I was really big mates with Andrea - we shared a flat for God's sake - but she seems to have vanished of the face of the earth. Yes I know you were the prettiest girl behind the bar - but was that really you? Not tall, dark hair and a smile that gave
  16. I always thought he just liked the feel of his finger, but now that you mention it it does make sense! I thought the brass section was awesome If anyone other than me and Craig actually look at this there is a series of CDs called 'Motown Classic Hits' which I think were imports, and which are available on Amazon second-hand and which do have lots of the brilliant early stuff on them - well up to about vol 3 anyway. Vol 1 is my favourite!
  17. Bip, you are unbelievable! A couple of days into your new relationship and already you're cheating on her. Jean, take no notice, Bip is a very bad man. Although he allegedly has a very interesting water feature and a penthouse somewhere on Mars.
  18. Too easy for some, too hard for others, but at least it's a pic!
  19. Now that's dedication! I just have Mother's Pride and Charity Ball on vinyl..............but I think it's enough!
  20. What about Wendy - barmaid - Red hair and enough make-up to open her own salon? Wasn't there a pretty, dark-haired lass who was usually up on that little bar, up the stairs off the dance floor? Pat was actually a lovely lass - just not bright enough to understand what they were turning her into. I used to feel really sorry for her as it happens. Trev Austen - can't remember him at all - was he on the door?
  21. I liked Alsatian Pat! Although, I have to say, I wouldn't have wanted to get too close. Besides, it was the bad guys what brought her to that pass! Two guys came back to memory - I think one was Trevor Wood - local hard man - and a guy who was a mercenary - well on the way to being overweight - can't remember his name - but he used to come back from Africa every now and then loaded down with bootie! I seem to remember they both helped to train her................ Don't suppose you know what became of 'Big Al' -used to DJ at the Ad Lib and come down to the Hippo to steal your ideas!
  22. What the flick is flicker - I know, I know, it's only technology and it's easy! I'll figure something out! But not till in the morning - we pensioners need our zeds!
  23. Hey - the bouncers may have been scumbags but the DJ was Awesome! Under Flash Pete they were, unpredictable. Ted, who was a little mean, had this 'kojo' thing he'd made and he used to punch holes in the wall going up the stairs, then later he'd punch holes in heads. They used to march everyone out the back and kick the sh1t out of them. If the victim bled on them they gave him another kicking, just for spite. When it came to going up against Pete himself, though, everyone lost their bottle - he was well 'ard! Under Cuddly Cotterill, it depended on the mix at the door on any given night,
  24. Well, they were OK..............I have a couple of albums and brilliant they ain't. Still, they did have balls which is probably why Pat played 'em! Right after Nazareth doing 'Dear John' if I remember correctly and then followed by Jo Jo Gunne - Brilliant segue Pat! !jumping! What really bugged me was that the mix of Charity Ball on the album is completely different from the 45 - no edge to it at all! CDs? I thought there was just the one - very expensive one - on Amazon!