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  1. Can thoroughly recoment a variety of lettuce Arctic King. Have germinated and grown this variety over the past three winters without trouble. They have grown throughout the coldest weather in an unheated greenhouse and stood outside in severe frost without damage. Only drawback is the leaves will not keep and hav e to be used immediately so only the required number of leaves ae pulled from the outside of the plant.
  2. The Officers parading for duty were, I think wearing 'night uniform' Two of them were P.c. Sid Pocklington and P.c Ken Baker. I recall in 1962 18/20 Officers parading for nights at the Guildhall. These would cover only the immediate City Centre. 3/4 more at Canning Circus. 2 at Bath Street Station and perhaps another at Hyson Green.20/25 Officers to Cover the Division. Wonder how many cover on Nights now?
  3. During 1960's City Police Mechanised Division and Traffic Dept used Standard Vanguard Vehicles supplied I believe by Mitchells. These were fitted with a siren which sounded similar to the old air raid warning type and were 'very audible' During the Same period Notts Co. Police were runing Ford Zodiacs wwhich were fitted with a bell. These were difficult to hear.
  4. Recall a series about a female Probation Officer and her colleagues which was made on location in the Radford Road, Hyson Green area. The Old Blue Lagoon Club was used for some scenes as was he Flats. Can recall seeing the film crews and vehicles but cannot for the life of me remember what it was called. Guess it was bout 1985?
  5. Have done the ride for the past two years but increase in entrance fee will stop me doing the miles this year I think. Enjoy the ride, a seventy mile round trip including the ride from home but think I will do as many of the Club have don e in the recent past and do the usual Sunday Morning 50. Realise that sponsorship has been lost and in this financial climate support is difficult to obtain but £25 entrance fee seems a bit steep to me.
  6. Is my memory serving me corectly? Was Bath Street Surplus Stores run by the Pownall Family of Snienton. I think they also had a scrapyard on Manvers Street?
  7. I believe the Ilkeston Accent is clearly Derbyshire with its slang and inflections identical to those of the villages and towns further North i.e. Heanor, Codnor Riddings and Somercotes. Long Eaton appears to me, as an outsider, to be very similar to Nottingham in its speech.
  8. During the 1960's had occasion to visit Rediffusion offices/workshops which were situated on Castle Boulevard below the Castle Rock. Engineer there demonstated that it was possible to push a television picture along a length of wet string. Impressive in its day but pretty basic now.
  9. Spoke to my friend this morning, He is an ex childrens home worker and was employed at several homes on the City area, particularly Basford in the 1970's. Unfortunately he cannot recall an establishment using the name Gables but he will make some enquiries and if there is anything positive will let me know.
  10. There was a childrens home used by the Nottingham Social Services on Second Avenue . Do no recall the name but don't think it was the Gables. Gables Hotel also used by Social Services for some time to house homeless people (bed and breakfast) and victims of family abuse. Recall Several Social Services establishments in the area Will be speakaing to someone tomorrow who worked in them. Will Ask about the Gables
  11. Several years ago had a wasps nest the size of a football in my loft. How it was built without me seeing it I do not know. Was quoted £40 by Broxtowe Council to deal with it. Bought a can of Dethlac ant killer from Wilkos for £1.25. Gave the nest the whole can and left it for 24 hours. Wasps were soon dropping outside and the following day was able to lift the nest and carry it outside. No further problems with wasps. Be careful what you are breathing though.
  12. Buy an Evening Post ocasionally but not often now. Certainly no longer the newspaper it used to be. To me it lacks drive and investigative know how and no longer carries a contraversial comment. Perhaps something to do with the lack of income caused by falling advertising revenue. Used to scan the pages of adverts, used cars, fishing tackle, electrical items looking for something interesting but only ever bought once. That was a Bush record player with a multichanger facilility. I think you could stack 10 vinyl records and listen to the clang when the next one dropped. Still have the
  13. Heard on the news that three planes have been allowed totake off from Manchester, all empty. These are to return stranded holdymakers to the UK.
  14. Thoroughly agree Ashley. The Football Leagues with a few exception are a merry go round of failures who obtain a contract to manage a club for 2/3 years and, although dismissed afer six months are generally paid for the length of the contract. However, having said that only one club can be at the top and only 2/3 clubs can gain promotion annually. The rest are often regarded as failures. This season for example, a club like Liverpool, in the top 4 - 6 of the premiership (how I hate that word) all season is regarded by many of its supporters as having a poor season
  15. Sur Surprised to hear that you thought the Dolomite engine not up to scratch. Has three of these cars, two 1500s and an 1850. No trouble at all and did many thousands of miles particularly the 1850 towing a caravan. c annot recall topping up with oil between services. In fact I think I only spent of tyres, exhausts (which were particularly low slung) and brake pads and servicing. your experiences of course may have been different?