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  1. bet you know me and my family the salts, gary, ian and graham

  2. I forgot about my school reports, I dont know where they are! MMMM I wonder if my sis might have em. It would be interesting to look!
  3. I cant remember the bus that was used as a cafe, but I do remember the adventure playground, I was always there! Yeah they had the zipwire thing, and also a net strung up so you could bounce on it. I remember, also, that we dug tunnels underground. They were good! I remember once I went in the short one (tunnel) with two lads (no, before you think anything, it wasn't like that! but let me explain!). We just sat talking, then Paul decided to climb out of the hole in the end, which was a bit tight, and he got stuck! His legs were below ground and his top half above. Lee, who I was in the t
  4. Oh, I LOVE ska and regae! Well done your son for having good taste! haha I think Firbeck is now a school for the deaf.
  5. Why "GROAN" ? Did you not enjoy your time there? I had a mixture of good times and bad, but I still look on that time with affection.
  6. okay, errr, I don't know how to NOT do it! haha do I just delete the quote bit from the top?
  7. Sorry Mick2me but I have been looking for your post and cannot find it, so I thought I would start one. I don't know if Firbeck started one has he said he would, but I have searched and can't find anything. Does anyone know when Firbeck school was built?
  8. no, that wasn't too political! haha sorry.... I seem to think Mr Lomas was there a couple of years or so after I started. It was him, I think, that gave me my fear of water. We used to go swimming at Beechdale, and if I am small now (4ft 11!) I certainly was then. He made us go into the big pool but at the shallow end, all lined up along the shorter side, and ordered us to put our feet on the bottom. Of course, that meant we had to duck our heads under, which terrified me, but he was so horrible I was scared to disobey him. I hated it! He obviously thought that the teachers and swimming
  9. Omg! Yeah, I remember the launderette well! haha we used to spend what seemed like HOURS there! I think it's now a hairdressers or something. Yeah, the buses were all Trent if I remember correctly, and sometimes you got the ones similar to the London buses, where you got on at the back and could sit looking through the big window behind the driver. As kids we used to pretend we were driving the bus, as we could see the road in front! haha And I remember going to the bus station which is now a casino! I used to look at the Playhouse sign from there whilst we were waiting for the bus to come
  10. I must say, I have bitter-sweet memories of living at BALLOOON WOOD FLATS (as this is what this particular topic is about, not so much politics!) - but my memories are to do with the friendships that developed (or otherwise, hence the bitter bit!) and the social scene of living there. I lived there up until 1979. I remember long hot summers, and the winter of discontent, when we had power cuts, but as kids we didn't mind as it was exciting and spooky to have to light up candles. I always remember the tv detector vans in the roads below the flats, and most ppl would switch off their televisio
  11. Wow! Fantastic childhood! :-) Yeah, I do remember going down to Nottingham Canal, and catching sticklebacks, news and frogspawn. And building dens. And climbing trees. We had proper childhoods then! He he, I remember being stuck in an old oak tree which I had climbed but couldn't get back down from. My bruv n sis teased me, saying things like, " we need to get pillows we'll be back soon" When I asked them why, they said it was because I would be sleeping up there all night if I didn't climb down! hahah the rotters! Eventually a man mowing the grass came and just picked me out of the t
  12. My mums pic is in the Images of Nottingham book, in a picture with them all holding placards about the state of the flats. The man in the pic is John Bishop. I think he was some sort of social worker. My mum is sitting down at the table, with dark hair near the front
  13. Haha I used to mess around in the lifts too! That's teenagers for you! Me and my mates were messing around in em once, and I suddenly became ill. I felt small and weak, and I felt like a great weight was pressing down on my shoulders, settling down like dust. I told my mates I didn't want to do that anymore, but that I didn't want to spoil their fun, so they should carry on and I would wait for them. The next thing I knew, they had got stuck! When they got out my mate Debra said I knew that would happen but I didn't. But now Im older I think maybe I did know. I think you used to live in th
  14. Hi Mark I remember Beeley Walk, it was the third floor. I lived on Hartington Walk, 548, in Moorstead block. I lived there until 1979, if my memory serves me correctly. I think we lived there about nine years. It was before the new bridge was built over the railway line when we moved in, and we used to play under the new bridge before it was opened. I distinctly remember the caravan shop, it was two caravans put together side by side. I also remember going through the tunnel to Firbeck School. We used to slip down the slope when it was icy!. Do you remember a Mr Walker at Firbeck? He w