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  1. Hi to all members, my name is Samantha. I currently live up in Hull, but am moving to Nottingham in a few weeks time so did a search for groups and found this group list. My partner has just started work at the Boots site in Beeston. I am just posting here to get to know some new people and make friends and contacts. I will be looking also for recommendations for workmen for the new house and help in other ways (paid). I have two pedigree and one non-pedigree cats, I show my pedigree cats and hope to breed from my girl later in the year - kittens :D !!! I have my own business here in Hull so will pop up most weeks to oversee the running of it, other than that I wont be working when I move, but might take some p/t work just to integrate myself. I lived in Nottingham in '79 + '80 while at Mary Boltons College of Beauty Therapy. Anyone remember her? I loved the city then and am really pleased to be able to live there again. Anyway, its good to be here and I look forward to contributing more in the future. Best wishes, Samantha