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  1. Hi Beekay - I was in Heathfield from 1997 to 2015 but moved west now, to Winchester. So you're quite safe!
  2. I hope so! I didn't leave on purpose - I just drifted away and somehow forgot about it. I came across the site again today and my memory was rekindled. And I've moved to Hampshire!
  3. Hi Robbie, just seen your post. No, that's Bramcote Lane, Wollaton. The Bramcote Memorial Hall is in Church Street, Bramcote village.
  4. I remember being taken regularly by my Dad to the Pelham barber shop just off the Square in the early 60's. It was in a basement off King Street if I recall correctly. There was a row of about six huge (in my mind) barbers chairs. First my Dad had his hair cut and then it would be me. Short back and sides all round. One of the barbers (possibly the most senior because of his chair's position at the top of the line) happened to be our nextdoor neighbour. Looking on Google Streetview it may possibly have been where the Basement Bar is now, nextdoor (or even below) to the Loch Fyne Bar and Gril
  5. Hi Garry, Welcome to the gang! I see you lived in Balmoral Drive - I was just down the hill in Arundel (#75) and before that in Bankfield (#24). Btw, there's an active BHGS group over on Facebook at if you are interested. You might catch up with some more old pals.
  6. And it's "Misere Ouvert" as in "open." It's played with the hand face up.
  7. Commo, you should get on the school page on Facebook where there have been numerous discussions on that subject:
  8. Got my elbow stuck once as a kid in my chair-back at Lyons in Long Row
  9. The bigger one was a border collie called Molly
  10. Fascinating stuff there Barclaycon. If you find out when the book is available please let us know.
  11. As a Forest fan now living in East Sussex it seemed to be appropriate!
  12. Thank you everyone - great to be in the club!
  13. I had a great meal at a fish restaurant on the quay at Hobart back in 1991 - can't remember the name. On the same trip I remember having superb scallops in pastis at Doyles On The Beach in Watsons Bay NSW. sr