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  1. I have 2 copies of the old Nottingham maps, 1881 and 1899, I cant see that place on the map. The area seemed to be mostly factories then.
  2. Try this simple quiz, It is surprisingly accurate.
  3. West's are still going, they do a lot for boots. There is not really a big haulier left in Nottingham, this is probably due to the lack of work from, all of the old big companies.
  4. I also went to padstow, jock Gallagher was the headmaster then, he must have been head for a long time as he was still head when I left in 1983, I see his replacement quite often, and spoke to him today. He tells me that he was headhunted for the job at Padstow, he is from Ramsgate, the kids must have loved him, being a more liberal man than jock Gallagher. I never had any problems with jock Gallagher, I just thought that all head teachers were as hard as nails.
  5. That is quite an old photo, the 2 brothers split the company into 2 separate companies. John Pownall kept the steel part of the business. Michael pownall kept the non ferrous side of the business. John sold out to the Sims group, and made a fortune. Michaels business went bust about 18 years ago. Michael pownall, passed away last year.
  6. this is a link to 1 of there restorations
  7. I have been to the farm, where the buses are, it is on the left hand side going from risley, I used to have the restoration of 1 of there buses on my favourites, but as I have not used it for a while I have lost it. I think that they had a bus that was restored by an ex Ilkeston bus driver, and he chronicled his experiences.
  8. By a strange coincidence, I had to collect a train driver today, He works out of Immingham, and was taking a load of coal to Toton depot, to be delivered to Radcliffe power station tomorrow. His train was stopped, near to market rasen, due to another train having a brake problem. The other train was delivering fuel to Kingsbury. So a nice trip from Toton, to Wickenby and Immingham, in the sunshine.
  9. I bet they wish that all the lorries were that clean nowadays. I have never seen an 8 wheel tipper that clean.
  10. I saw NCT666 at Nuthall last week, it looked to be part of a transport museum. Was 666 the first digital display?
  11. Not quite Trinity Square, but near enough. Demolition of Victoria Station.
  12. Most of the banger and stockcar drivers that used to race at Long eaton stadium used Coates to make or alter seat belts into a full race harness.
  13. There is a new pub opening at the top of alfreton road, in the old bank - fancy dress shop. It should have opened last week, but there must be a delay.
  14. Yes that is the 1, if you look on google streetview you can still see the sign, which looks quite ornamental.