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  1. Looks like Broxtowe council are looking to get rid of the town hall.
  2. The one is Eastwood is quite a small pub.
  3. I think the old banger mentioned, predated the beetle. each to there own.
  4. Demolition contractors, moved cabins onto site Monday, so hopefully they will get started soon. In above picture why block the entrance with expensive plywood, and then fence it off?
  5. The foundry is still there, I think it is part of Baullfor beatty now. They still make railway lines.
  6. I wonder if they would challenge the law, if they had to pay for the solicitors instead of using legal aid. Do you think that I am daft or stupid, by camping on a public park, what harm am I doing?
  7. It amazes me they all have caravans or motor homes, there are plenty of caravan sites all over the country, why don't they use them? I would like to see what happens when a law abiding citizen parks his touring caravan, on a public park, the pcsos would have a field day.
  8. Just been on the post website, travellers have pitched up in a park in Gedling.
  9. These travellers were parked on Lenton Abbey park, last week, they just seem to move from 1 site to another. The park is still closed due to the clean up operation. It is about time that the government, sorted this problem out, as well as squatting.
  10. Went past Middletons, at Wollaton the other day, they were tinning up the doors and windows. Was previously called the Roebuck, and the Deep cellar. ,
  11. #35 I try not to alter the settings in windows, I know what to do but it never seems to work out easy. I use windows 10 and I find it ok for what I need. I much preferred XP, and vista was ok for what I needed.
  12. It reminds me of windows 7 or 10 with all the different sized tiles. I check the public notices, now and again, just being nosey. Checking them today I got all the notices for the country, you now have to pick that you are in The East midlands region, and then you have to pick which councils notices that you want to view. Before you just got all the notices for the Nottinghamshire area. Which was a lot more relevant. How long before they change the format again?
  13. Still open, but I bet they were not happy when mcdonalds opened on the doorstep.
  14. I read that a lot of people selling on ebay and amazon are having trouble due to using photobucket. I have only used photobucket, to put pictures onto this site. If it was easier to put pictures onto this site I would have added a lot more.
  15. The co op had to sell off a lot of shops, due to buying some other company. Arleston drive is now a mcolls. Ilkeston road is now a mcolls. plus a few others. I always regarded mcolls as a newsagent type of shop.
  16. All my pictures hosted by photobucket, are still on my computer, so can still be added. The only problem is I don't know in what topics that they were in.
  17. My grandmother moved into a flat at balloon woods, probably about 1976, she loved it as she moved from a privately rented flat in Radford, that was basically a tip. She loved her time at Balloon woods and was active in the protests about the state of the flats, she moved to a bigger flat on the complex, but when they decided to move people out due to the imminent closure, she was allocated a second floor flat in Strelley, even though she was nearly 80 and had problems with her mobility. Balloon woods was not as bad as a lot of people make out, it is after all social housing.
  18. The photos would be better if there was a brief mention of where they were.
  19. I use one that is on Clinton street, opposite Victoria centre. He will do most repairs the same day. Stephen Roberts.
  20. A gas lamp in the Park estate last night.
  21. I think they do the banquets in the Galleries of justice, now.
  22. Boots have released a lot of their archived material online.
  23. I went passed the other day, and I am sure it was still there.
  24. The bankings could possibly be steeper, the ones between Raymede and Leybourne were very steep.
  25. Which side of Padstow road is the steepest?