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  1. Embassy tyres has a for sale notice on it, I don't think it will be the business, probably the buildings and land. I see the owner most mornings waiting for the bus on Wollaton vale.
  2. My wife bought 2 tickets to see Bruno Mars at the arena next year, £150.00 for the tickets, £18.00 booking fee, and £2.95 for postage. What a rip off.
  3. #22 that photo must have been taken when goose fair was on, there is no sign of Mellors amusements.
  4. There is a Glen bott site that has a list of pupils 1965 - 1966
  5. I would have thought that they would have gone to Cottesmore or Margaret glen bott, or possibly Fernwood.
  6. A lot of these bikers use Hucknall airfield, they also use part of the Blenheim industrial estate, a lot of these bikers are not local and travel from all over for these meets.
  7. I went through Boots this morning, they are building a new access road next to the roundabout on Lilac grove, at the other end of the site Thane road end they are having a bridge built over the canal, they are supposed to be building a lot of houses on spare land. Possibly the whole site could be houses in the future.
  8. They were terrible vans, they were underpowered and seemed to rust away overnight. They were popular as they were a lot narrower than Bedford CFs and Ford Transits. You see quite a lot of them in Turkey, so they are probably still made over there.
  9. It was sold to the corporation in 1925, so possibly someone lived in it until that time.
  10. The manse is shown on an 1880 map, it is about halfway between the horse and groom pub, and Reuben shaws garden centre. It is on the same side of the road as the pub. Looking at the same map there was also a church between the pub and the manse. On a street map it would be about 114 Moorgreen.
  11. Big Sam has resigned, I wonder if he will get some form of payoff. Who is next for the England job?
  12. Neales is going to be a church.
  13. taxi ray

    Alfreton Road

    That space was going to be a Tesco express, but they built 1 a bit further along. Land is possibly still owned by Tesco
  14. That house has been empty for years, there is a possibility that it is used, as there was a car parked on the drive, but it never seemed to move and finally ended up abandoned like the house. I was once told that it was some kind of brothel 20 maybe 30 years ago.
  15. The 1 that was in the old woolworths building was the Olympia variety theatre.
  16. The building that is Wetherspoons, is marked on a 1913 map as picture theatre.
  17. I think Bradrails, is going to be some sort of education, training place for the unemployed. So could possibly be 1 of the busiest places in Bulwell or the most unused.
  18. Benjamin, the only teacher that I can remember was Mr Spiers who taught metalwork, he was ex military, he was of the old school but was a good teacher.
  19. There is a report on the fire and the demolition, on NEP wesite. The council used a demolition contractor from Leicester, and had to have a excavator escorted from Leicester in order to do the job. There is a local company with a similar excavator currently knocking down the old pub at the top of Ilkeston road, would it not have been quicker and cheaper to have approached that company, as due to the commotion the machine would have been sat idle.
  20. I have windows 10, but have not been informed of any updates, am I missing something?
  21. I have driven past here hundreds of times, and always thought that it was 1 large warehouse, but there is actually 3 large warehouses. They must have been able to store a huge amount of tobacco.
  22. Has nobody told them that the price of copper has crashed.
  23. 51, but I think age doesn't matter it is how well or healthy you are that matters, I have not had an operation yet, plenty of sutures and a few broken bones.
  24. This is the link that gives the description.
  25. This is the link.