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  1. Claire, I don't recall a New nuthall, but the area that includes Temple drive, Roland avenue is known as old nuthall. These houses would probably be about a hundred years old now, so it could have been new nuthall then.
  2. Compo. Enjoy your trip to the Gambia, it is lovely. They have got hassling you for money, off to a fine art. Whilst we were there I noticed that the 2 dalasai coin, which is pretty worthless in comparison to British pennies, was the same size and shape as a fifty pence coin. They worked well on the buses.
  3. I have just looked at the planning application on the city council website. The plans were submitted on March the 2nd, so it seems that the press are a little slow with these things. The planning approval has been decided, is this another way of saying that it has been approved.
  4. Regarding the names of the lord mayors, a lot of them had schools named after them.
  5. Looks like the Guildhall is at risk, there is now plans to turn part of it in to student accommodation. Article in NEP today.
  6. #237, The navy assosciation were moved there from Arkwright st, due to the building being demolished for the tram line.
  7. That was Manvers pierrpoint. I think, it is used as a form of community college now. Part of it was demolished, a couple of years ago. NCT are supposed to be moving there from Parliament st.
  8. Went past Cottesmore the other day, they have started to demolish it. I think the site is going to be used for housing.
  9. That will be another one that gets a big pay off in a few months, due to Collins not being able to work with them.
  10. When I worked for McIntyres in the 90s, Raleigh scrapped hundreds if not thousands of aluminium mountain bike frames, that they had had built in the far east, it was supposedly cheaper to scrap loads of faulty ones, than to have better ones made in the uk. Raleigh still have a place at Eastwood, I think it is just to distribute cycles made in the far east
  11. #30, I suppose it was cheaper to make your own than to buy it. At least then you could control the quality. Was bicycle tubing a standard size?
  12. Red, looks like Salisbury street.
  13. #1169 how long before the new residents complain about the noise.
  14. #5 There was an old bus in a garden near Woodlinkin for ages, so I presume that was his house.
  15. I think the shop that was Greenfingers florist is now a dental practice. The shop is near the bottom of Cator lane.
  16. #68 My daughter went on one of the river cruises last year, it went from the embankment, opposite from County hall.
  17. Mother in law, was offered a new house in Clifton, probably a little before your parents, she turned it down and was offered a new house in Wollaton, she is still in that house. When I see her tomorrow I will ask her what year it was.
  18. Defenders, are highly sought after in America, but they don't meet American safety standards. A lot of people import newer models, but make out they are older to get around the law. I had a 12 seater land rover once, it was great when my daughter was younger, I just lifted the pushchair she was in into the back, and when she was a little older she sat in the middle front seat. No nanny state then. ;
  19. The square wont be out of action for long, as James Mellors must have some form of fun fair booked in.
  20. Regarding fletcher gate car park, when there is something on at the arena, the car park is always well used, it is a nightmare to get out off due too how busy it is, I can't see that amount of traffic going through the lace market. Stoney street car park is the same. You will use the tram.
  21. I noticed that big city tyres on Collins street has now closed, sign says due to redevelopment.
  22. #29 How do you get to Fletcher gate car park? Can't see it being very easy for delivery drivers.
  23. You might have seen the lady, at the back on the right, the wifes sister, Linda Salter(baker) lives at Bulwell, worked behind the bar in the 3 crowns and the monkey, about 20 years ago. Still pops in the monkey now and again.
  24. Benjamin, he was from Bulwell, he was the caretaker of the church that used to be where the bus station is now. They then moved about and ended up on Cheltenham st at Basford. Howard Foster was his name. The old bloke on the end is the wifes dad, born near Louth, but brought up at Cherry Orchard, was a bus driver for Bartons and the corpo, was also a lorry driver. Kenny Bakers dad would have been his brother.
  25. #172 Wifes granddad, old basford lad.