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  1. 26 minutes ago, IAN123. said:

    Thinking of all the ones i loaded back in the day.

    Clearways, Dominics, Jewitts, Stirlands, Wests, Bfi, Smiths of Eccles, Roadline, Marshalls, Railfreight, Hensons, many small van crowds as well..white arrow..they gone?

    West's are still going, they do a lot for boots.

    There is not really a big haulier left in Nottingham, this is probably due to the lack of work from, all of the old big companies.

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  2. I also went to padstow, jock Gallagher was the headmaster then, he must have been head for a long time as he was still head when I left in 1983, I see his replacement quite often, and spoke to him today.

    He tells me that he was headhunted for the job at Padstow, he is from Ramsgate, the kids must have loved him, being a more liberal man than jock Gallagher.

    I never had any problems with jock Gallagher, I just thought that all head teachers were as hard as nails.

  3. 11 hours ago, roger peatman said:


    Me too in the mid 80's and 90's - I used to scrap a Jaguar almost every week - a bare shell filled with as much rubbish as we could find and get between £80 - £100 a time !

    That is quite an old photo, the 2 brothers split the company into 2 separate companies.

    John Pownall  kept the steel part of the business.

    Michael pownall kept the non ferrous side of the business.

    John sold out to the Sims group, and made a fortune.

    Michaels business went bust about 18 years ago.

    Michael pownall, passed away last year.

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  4. 3 hours ago, The Pianoman said:

    Well just driven the road from Risley through to Stanton-by-Dale and noticed a roller shutter barn door half way up and parked in the barn was a nice blue and cream Midland General Bristol FLF with another bus parked at the side of it. Anyone know anything about them? Maybe they will be on Wollaton Park on Sunday.

    I have been to the farm, where the buses are, it is on the left hand side going from risley, I used to have the restoration of 1 of there buses on my favourites, but as I have not used it for a while I have lost it.

    I think that they had a bus that was restored by an ex Ilkeston bus driver, and he chronicled his experiences.

  5. By a strange coincidence, I had to collect a train driver today, He works out of Immingham, and was taking a load of coal to Toton depot, to be delivered to Radcliffe power station tomorrow.

    His train was stopped, near to market rasen, due to another train having a brake problem.

    The other train was delivering fuel to Kingsbury.

    So a nice trip from Toton, to Wickenby and Immingham, in the sunshine.

  6. 5 hours ago, The Pianoman said:

    Doors, boot and bonnet were ally up until mid 1962. Correction, they were actually Birmabright.

    The rover that was before the sd1 I think it was the p6 had an aluminium bonnet and boot, if only all the panels were alloy, the rear wings used to rust away terrible.

  7. Going off on a slight tangent, I saw 1 of the medi link electric buses on the back of a recovery truck yesterday.

    It was travelling along the ring road heading north.

    The buses are not that old, and don't cover many miles, as they only run 5 days a week.

  8. 2 hours ago, plantfit said:

    Taxi Ray and Col the tracked vehicle (crawler crane) would be a pile driver,driving long concrete pillars in the ground to give the main building a solid platform to build on,those concrete pillars are about a foot square and upto thirty plus feet long,most of them are made by a company in Balderton near Newark by a company called Centrum Pilings



    The crane was not pile driving, it was basically dropping a large steel weight onto the ground repeatedly, it would have been about 15 foot long by 8 foot wide and 2 feet thick. I noticed it a lot as I used to walk my dog in that area.


  9. 1 hour ago, radfordred said:

    A few weeks ago while on me walk I spotted dirty white tranny van driving slow around Ringwood Drive, he & her Romanian/Bulgarian looking jumped out & where rifling though a skip, it was number 28 it was were some Chinese students had living most of the stuff was household, on my way back round Ringwood I spotted the bloke wheeling quite a nice looking bike & chuck it in the side door of this van, I'd already taken the reg no, so I phoned the police, told them my job, what I'd spotted, there still there, get yourself round there, red handed & all that, he wanted more & more off me, description, height, all my info home address, mobile number etc, I had to say sorry I'm far to busy for all this, if you want to catch them thier still there & I hung up. Think it was 4 or 5 days later I was contacted & asked for a second description, someone had, had their bike stolen from a shed on Ringwood! 

    Someone told me about this house only yesterday, it is owned by a young Chinese man that lives on parkside, he had the house on Ringwood converted into 6 bedrooms, these he lets to Chinese students. They stay for 2 years and then move on. The lady that told me about it was the cleaner who by the sounds of it only cleans the house every couple of years, everything is thrown away as nothing is worth saving, she said it was disgusting.

    She also mentioned the Romanians taking everything out of the skip.

    Just remember that these will be your next doctors and dentists.


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