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  1. There is quite a lot of poor spelling and grammar on this site, including this thread.
  2. Okay so I know who you are now. Why does everyone need a pseudonym?
  3. You have a very good memory ducky! I do remember this now you've mentioned it. I also recognise the name Peter Tulley. Did you go to Forest Fields Grammar School? The shop on the corner of Berridge Road and Stanley Road belonged to the family of someone in my year.
  4. The Bohemian Coffee Bar, Fletcher Gate The Bohemian was slightly before my time but Spike Woods has posted about it on this site. I only vaguely knew Anne Briggs... I particularly remember her from a higgle at Blackmires Farm in Northants. She has a truly wonderful voice and took no shit! Someone told me once she used to live in Lenton Abbey, but she had left a good while before I met her. She lives in Scotland now.
  5. Gaffa are playing tonight at Nottm Contemporary
  6. isn't it town end of derby road where it meets parliament st and maid marion way?
  7. you're talking about the old miltons head of course. there was a dj called woody.
  8. I'm sorry for people losing jobs but someone used to put it on at work years ago and it drove me mad with adverts for double glazing. Long live BBC6Music!
  9. I've envied people moving to Bristol. what do you want from Nottingham? what music do you like?. which uni is your girlfriend going to? Lenton is good place to live for Nottingham Uni (between campus and town). Lots of things that were good about nottm have been destroyed by local council, but there's still plenty of music venues, sometimes markets in the square, the Lakeside theatre and gallery.
  10. I think that's it. Is there another Sherwood rise because I don't see how it has a number 600.
  11. definitely never a tesco on sherwood rise, but there is or was a mini one near the bottom of nottingham road (same road)