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  1. l worked at the co op butchers on boughton rd 1967 ish.
  2. thats gotta be me on that bus, always sat on front but had to open the window behind me.
  3. oh dear, l wouldn.t say l was responsible but l did help demolish the electricity board building to make way for b/m/centre,
  4. my wife saw my Dad rise up from my back as l was fiddling with the television , and he then walked into the corner of the room and disappeared, and l completely believe what she says she saw...
  5. hi, bob was mostly into pole vault, l his brother was mostly into cross country and athletics/ gymnastics..

  6. he was mostly pole vaulter, l , his brother got bit of a name on cross country running and liked to spend time in the gym at lunch times...
  7. Bing my brother is 6th from left on the top row, Bob Parkes,
  8. used to go in occasionally in the late 60s early 70s anyone remember/know Albert Lowe who frequented that drinkin hole...
  9. hi Lynmee, did you know the Fletchers on bridgnorth drive,clifton,then. Mick Fletcher was me best mate (he being cousins with Mick Cupitt) we used to go to compo school, we left in 65,i lived on ellerby avenue.I recall the name Mee.
  10. hi , mick cupid was me best mates cousin i believe he being mick fletcher,we lived at clifton, anyone know mick?
  11. hi cliff ton have you seen the school photos at greencroft on freinds reunited, theres plenty from late 50s-early 60s, i believe the co op also had a lift as well, me an me mate would walk diagonally over the field from the dyke nr the now dentists direction headin towards the walk thrus where the shops were,(alcocks)then cross over green lane i think, (if it went all the way up to the fairham pub) can still see an hear the skylarks angin in the sky over that field as we walked with our park drive, oh boy to feel that again. regards ken.
  12. yes i was there 62/63-65 not keen at the time but wish a wa there nah,went to greencroft before that, used to spend alot of time at spiders when it was near the big co op at top near the health centre,any one remember the cafe and record sales in there just up the stairs then into the l/h corner,
  13. i used ta always go down the grove, fishin/bods nestin/tree climbin an me bestis mate ad a diana 177? an a webley. we would usually get there via the coke pathway an go strait dahn the bank to the trent an usually fish after scoungin some maggots,there was always the regulars there,one such chap who used to be there regularly fished where the bank dropped down suddenly, e only ad one eye an he would be leisurin for chub,anyone remember him,he was gettin on then.i made a canoe at compo an we often took it on the river,it wa great, will av ta take a trip down to capture the smells an the sounds(