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  1. Very sad!! - Bill used to play for Lenton United CC and was wicketkeeper from memory, he played with my Dad 1985-1988 from memory. For anyone in the local cricket leagues back then or even now (Notts Amateur) may know my Dad - Frank Brown!
  2. Went to a Champions League game Vs AC Milan and was hooked! - won 1-0, have been hooked since, happy days and great memories!................
  3. Did plenty of under age drinking in there when I was at Broxtowe College, happy days!
  4. Hi everyone, what a great site!...............its fantastic to look back over old memories. Im Ian, 36 - Ex Heathfield/Old Basford, left in 1997,now living just outside Leeds, still get back now and again to visit family but it brings tears to me eyes when I see what they have done to certain areas that I remember fondly!
  5. Very sad!!!...................enjoyed a few good nights in there back in the early 90's!