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  1. That map is excellent! You can easily work out where everything is in relaction to today. Thanks
  2. Super, I have found it now. :D Thanks to the power of Google Street View and Bing Birds eye views. I noticed that just around the area you can see the ventilation's shafts that run along. Some very interesting feature. Anyway hopefully go explore soon. (with my mate) haha
  3. Where is Mapperley Tunnel and how do you get down to the Easten side of it? I've tried googling everything but i can't seem to find it.
  4. Some very interesting stuff being posted, however i think my idea has kind-of fallen down at the moment. Mainly because the idea would be very hard to-do. So going to have a re-think and then i might be back with some more questions! :D Thanks everyone
  5. Of course i will place any findings i make into the forum. Anything new that is! and yes the website will get credited. Okay so it looks like getting accessed to this tunnels is a no go area. So what about how some of the past railways have been re-used to fit modern day society? What do people think about this?
  6. Thanks everyone, some very useful infomation given to me. Any idea which are these tunnels you could gain access to? I know alot have been covered in earth. But it would really be amazing to find one that you can look in. Once again, thanks everyone
  7. Tunnels, you know the ones the trains would travel though,
  8. Hiya, I'm a student and I've been set the assignment of making a documentary. It can be on any chosen topic and well as you might have guessed, I've chosen the old railway tunnels. My question is which tunnels can you still access today if any at all? Or if need-be get close to. Also I've been told their is one near Canning Circus? But can't find anything about it. Any ideas? Ollie
  9. Hmmm quick question but this thread is confusing me now, there seems to be some other content which has nothing to do with my work. Anyone wish to explain haha
  10. Thanks, I'll post it up, deadline is in six weeks. Still not found an interview yet, got to give a call to a society found in Nether-field.
  11. No worries, I will credit any work that I gather from this site and feedback all updates. All my work does go on to youtube normally within a month of production, so hopefully it should be posted by end of June. Of course i shall post a link on here. I am going on to the streets of Nottingham next week and standing around the clock tower and finding out how many people actually do know what the clock tower is from. That should be fun & a laugh! Ta
  12. Thanks folks, Well i've been searching the internet and have a few bits about the route and what the building was like. But now i'm after extra information for example what was it like to travel from there, I got a book out of the library today which looks pretty decent.
  13. Hi, Firstly I’m a student at New College Nottingham studying a foundation degree in media. I’ve been given the project of making a short fifteen-minute radio documentary. Now my idea for the documentary is to make it on the old Nottingham Victoria Station, its history and lifetime. Now for my documentary to work I need one thing, an interview, somebody who has quite a wide range of knowledge on the station. If anybody does have strong knowledge and fancies being interviewed then can you please reply. Also note that this documentary wouldn’t be broadcasted, but my feature in my final show
  14. Hi My name is Oliver and my parents own there own company in the old Futurist Cinema on Valley Road, and i was wondering if anyone had any old photos of the cinema, as they would be most intresting to look at. Thanks Oliver (16)