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  1. "She is thought to be returning via Amsterdam." Really? Is that the wisest route?
  2. Good guess. The wall went down Park Row and along Parliament St with a gate at Chapel Bar. edit They uncovered part of the wall at Chapel Bar once. The gate was apparently demolished in 1743
  3. I remember that still being there into the 80's. Didn't it cross Upper Parliament St to the top of Chapel Bar?
  4. Yes, it's pretty much right across the road from Weekday Cross.
  5. This puts in question whether or not MP's need to take security measures when meeting members of the public for surgeries. Unbelievable. I'd forgotten about these stories Liberal Democrat Nigel Jones, now a peer, was wounded and his aide Andrew Pennington was stabbed to death in a sword attack at the party's office in Cheltenham in 2000. In 2010, Labour MP Stephen Timms was stabbed twice in the stomach by a woman who tried to kill him for voting for the Iraq war.
  6. Your parents probably thought the same about you when you were young. Being 'cool' when young has, ever since teenagers were invented in the 50's, been, in part, about using slang, and quite often about acting more 'common' than your parents.
  7. The first figure, i.e. spending on the elderly can't be compared to years ago as central government devolved £5 billion Attendance Allowance from the DWP to local governments last year. The 1989 and 2004 Children's Acts also moved responsibility for safeguarding children onto the LA's, so it's not necessarily more being spent ( on an inflation adjusted basis) but that it's now down to Local Authorities rather than central government.
  8. All I know (other than that he annoys me) is that a friend of mine's brother worked with him on local radio in (iirc) Manchester years ago and said that he was a complete **** to anyone 'below' him and sucked up to everyone 'above' him.
  9. I've been having problems loading pages here lately.
  10. Split infinitives are fine as long as the meaning remains clear just as ending a sentence with a preposition is. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  11. Sorry to be a pedant Chulla but I do think grammar is important enough not to just leave a misunderstanding on ttable. It is not a modern interpretation but a fine point. The reason swimming pool and thousands of other compound nouns don't appear in your dictionary is because it just isn't big enough. Your copy (unless you have the Complete Oxford, you know the one that fills a whole shelf) will only include common compound nouns when they ARE hyphenated, not every possible combination of words that could become compound nouns without a hyphen. Does yours include coffee table, television stan
  12. What? You don't pronounce your hyphens?
  13. Sorry but I disagree. It only needs hyphenating when it becomes a compound adjective. On it's own it is a verb and noun i.e a pool for swimming. Out of interest I've just confirmed my belief on several grammar guides. All say the same and use swimming pool as an example.
  14. Hyphens are a really interesting (or maybe dull) case. For example dining room is not hyphenated but it should be when combined with another noun as it becomes a noun-adjective compound, so dining-room furniture. Similarly the examples Chulla gave do not take hyphens when on their own but do if attached to another noun as they become nouns describing other nouns so need to become compound. Swimming-pool lane Laughing-gas cylinder and Washing-line post would all be correct but without the last noun they don't need hyphenating. Like I said, interesting or dull? You decide.
  15. I've recently started to notice the use of verbs instead of nouns for some teaching roles, so at David Lloyd we have a 'Swim Coach' which really grates every time I see it. The page below refers to 'swimming skills courses' yet they make 'swim skills easier to understand'