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  1. Not been on this site for years, but for some reason stumbled upon it tonight ! Thanks for that pic Enigma !!
  2. The popcorn/mobile phone 'trick' on Youtube is a scam.It was a set-up done by the marketing department of....wait for it......a bluetooth headset manufacturer! I wish I'd been in the pub watching all the folks trying it out!LOL !laughing!
  3. Just hoping that anyone on the forum who may be in the path of Gustav is preparing right now.It looks like a monster of a storm!I'm in Naples on the Gulf coast of FL and we're getting plenty of rain from it already and it's still only just past Cuba!It really looks grim for New Orleans again!Fingers crossed for anyone in its' path.We've only just had tons of rain from Tropical Storm Fay!We're also watching Hurricane Hanna,which looks fairly likely to hit the East coast here(Miami,Ft Lauderdale)and then probably track across to us. You've gotta love hurricane season!!!
  4. I can't stand it anymore!The coverage of the Olympics here in the US is nothing short of a brain washing excerise! It sucks and blows! I only get to see coverage of US teams and athletes,you would be led to believe that there are no other worthy nations taking part! At least you guys in the UK get to see the whole picture,the other teams and 'foreign' athletes doing their 'thing'For example,if the US team or athletes are ousted in a semi,poof,no finals coverage of that event??Let's just pretend it didn't happen and move on! The commentary is so dismissive of any other nation,it is embarras
  5. Pacers,green and white minty chews. Hanky Panky,some sort of popcorn/caramel stuff.If I remember rightly it was advertised on TV by Arthur Lowe ,(Capt Mannering from Dads Army)...."Here Madam,would you care for some Hanky Panky?....SLAP!!!!"LOL Dinasour Eggs.We kids had a craze on these one summer.10p bought a small box which contained a dinasour egg(which was sour)Basically a big ol' gobstopper which tasted of watermelon. Wham bars,definately not as big last time I saw one. Panda pops. Corona pop...'Do the Fizzicle' If you have never seen this website,you have to check it out!It's a rea
  6. Maybe we could start by pruning your posts CR!LOL So far I've seen several of your grumblings and none of them are worth archiving,so you could be onto something here. Love the pic where did I leave my bag of spanners?
  7. Also found this picture of a new super piece of modern sculpture recently opened to rapturous acclamation from art connoisseurs all over Bestwood and Top Valley. It is entitled 'Two Be Fours And A Bit Of String' The structure stands an impressive five feet tall,with a whopping three thousand feet buried below ground. It's architect Ken Shuttlecock said,"It is designed to inspire a natural element to the surrounding area,the string bit we haven't yet made our minds up about,but it does add to the overall effect of the structure don't you think?" The total cost of the project has been One mi
  8. You've got to be kidding?Tell me it isn't finished yet?What am I missing?I must be a philistine. "Ken Shuttleworth said: "Aspire is symbolic of innovation and ambition - a fusion of art, architecture and engineering." Hoohoo hoohoo.ooh my aching sides! It's no wonder the generous benefactor wishes to remain anonymous,it's so he doesn't have to face the public ridicule and humiliation that will surely follow! 800k well spent there mate! LOL
  9. If I could share a pint with anyone,it would have to be the late,great,Sid James.Cwoooor!
  10. Listening to Jimmy Buffet and sipping marguritas eh?Nice.
  11. It's true,Nottstalgia makes you younger!! Just logged on today to have a good ol' route around the forum and first checked to see which members were online. Noticed it said happy b-day to me(nice touch)as it is indeed my birthday. an instant I have got 12 months younger!!!I swear I thought I was 38 today!!!!I'm not (FOOL!) I'm 'only' 37 HURRAH!!!! What a bonus!!!!LOL My memory isn't what it used to be!!!!!
  12. The Boys High School!I attended there for several years in the early eighties.It didn't float my boat I'm afraid Never understood the importance of learning latin!!
  13. I remember my favorite shop in the Vicky center was The Reject Shop.Tons of gadgets and trendy furniture if I remember rightly.
  14. Not sure if it had 'Robin Hood' somewhere in the name? Robin Hood Tavern?? I dunno!
  15. Can anybody help me remember a name of a pub? It was located in the City center,somewhere behind The Tavern in The Town if I remember rightly(the road leading from the Market Square towards the Theater Royal).It had a medieval theme,you went down some stairs to get in and there was a well at the bottom with a skeleton in it! I cannot for the life of me remember what it was called and it's now 'doin' me 'ed in' I should also add that it was around 1987-1990ish.