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  1. Nice article. Got some old Brian fanzines at home.
  2. LOL. 'Sniffing Glue' would have been slightly before my time really. I saw a book that was brought out about a year ago which was a compilation of 'Sniffing Glue' issues. Looked interesting....and DJ Danny Baker used to write for it before he went to the NME.
  3. Thanks for the info Stu. Glad to see there are some fanzines still out there. The various Nottingham based football ones were The Brian, The Tricky Tree, Forest Forever (all Forest) and Pie In The Sky and Flickin' and Kickin' (both Notts) - I'm sure there were more though. The ones I were thinking of were not football related....they were more freeform in nature....more "zine" than "fanzine".
  4. Hi everyone, Does anyone remember a couple of 'fanzine' type publications that were sold in Nottingham around about the late 80's / early 90's. They were sold in places like Selectadisc and Forbidden Planet etc. They were homemade affairs containing poetry, cartoons, music reviews and political stuff. One was called 'The Lobster Telephone' which I used to buy regularly and still have copies of in the attic somewhere. But there were others that were more comic strip based and they were A4 size. One which I occasionally bought used to have a comic strip in it called 'Skate Bunnies From Radford
  5. Great links. Websites like those are what the internet is for!
  6. I think most of Osmond's face these days is plastic anayway! I don't get much online time these days - work have cracked right down on internet use.....and I don't have a mobile phone. I actually have to do work now
  7. Very true. I think at the particular time when he might have vistited LE though he wasn't at his Vegas stage (hence the fact he was in LE in the first place).
  8. I seem to remember there a small crowd of excitable schoolgirls who went to see him which even at the time I thought was weird because he was well and truly past it by this stage.
  9. Maybe I dreamt this but I seem to recall that Donny Osmond (or perhaps another of the Osmonds) did an instore appearance at the Oasis Records store on the High Street in Long Eaton. I believe it would have been in the period 1987 - 1992. My wife doesn't believe me and said "Why would he go to Long Eaton?" which is a valid question I suppose, but it's made me doubt my memory. So, did I make this up or does anyone else remember it? Did anyone out there get the great man's autograph? cheers Richard
  10. Yeah they do still manufacture marine flares and other pyrotechnic devices there. It's called PW Defence now. I worked as a Chemist in the lab there for a couple of years before I moved to the US in 2002. They have a big field at the back where they test some of the products. I've spent many a happy hour in that field letting off flares and signal smokes etc. The great thing about working there was that the river would flood at least once a year and make access to the site impossible. We'd get a few extra days of paid holiday while waiting for the water to receed!
  11. I've been searching the database on this site but have drawn a blank so far: http://www.dicamillocompanion.com/Houses_dbsearch.asp Someone else may have more luck with it though.
  12. Great day! Nice photos...wish I could have been there. I was listening in via Forest World in the States and it was a really dramatic 90 mins. Nailbiting. I can only imagine how tense it would have been in the City Ground.
  13. I refer all glory to Beefsteak as I still wouldn't have got it even knowing that "OC" was correct!
  14. Reminds me a bit of the clues on "3-2-1"....and we all ended up with Dusty Bin!