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  1. TRD

    Berni Inns....

    Yes Malcolm still owns it, last night was supposed to be the final night for the year, Verbal Warning were the group, but they've extended it until next week with The Fockers.
  2. TRD

    My Bike rides

    Paul Haywood's RIP place, some good but expensive cars there.
  3. TRD

    My Bike rides

    Where's the classic car show at ???
  4. TRD

    Brian Clough

    14 years ago today. RIP Brian
  5. The Castle exchange was across the road from this building which, as Stuart says, was the ELP base not the exchange.
  6. TRD

    A few random photos - 6

    I used to drink with Bill in the 80s until he died, he had the garage from the mid 50s I think until he died.
  7. TRD

    A few random photos - 6

    The garage on Easthorpe Street became Martin's Garage long before Hall's moved there. Bill who owned Martin's was a character.
  8. I used to play in a good quality 6 a side competition in the 1970s on that ground.
  9. TRD

    Site slowdown ?

    Everything fine here with me
  10. TRD

    All Kinds of Everything.

    No we don't in West Bridgford
  11. TRD

    Duane Eddy

    Dance to the Guitar Man, cool thanks DaveN
  12. TRD


    This is a law in South Australia and works wll.
  13. TRD

    The Great '68.

    Where was East Leake station, I can't remember it ?
  14. Yes he did Ian, did you see them ?