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  1. Evening was dropped in 2010, the paper has since been called the Nottingham Post
  2. TRD

    Classic cars

    Good day for it, I'm just getting ready to go. No problem Brew, hope you enjoy it !!
  3. TRD

    Classic cars

    Thoresby Park tomorrow and Monday, anyone else going ??
  4. TRD

    Classic cars

    Land Rover conversion at Morgan 3 wheeler club today
  5. TRD

    Classic cars

    Nice workshop Ian, although I think it's too late for me for bending and laying on the floor I have enough trouble driving my 3 cars never mind maintaining them. I went to the Restoration Show at the NEC on Saturday which was very good.
  6. I think the game has gone the way of football with transfers so no player is local anymore.
  7. TRD

    Katie Boyle

    Katie Boyle has passed away aged 91. We can all remember her hosting the Eurovision Song Contest
  8. Which Junior school did you go to Caroline ??
  9. TRD

    Model Railways

    Many a winter's day to be spent ;-)
  10. Nottingham had 2 exchanges, Archer and Castle both Strowger. Archer numbers began with 5 and Castle began with 4. The other exchanges around Nottingham were called satellite exchanges and were either 2000 or 4000 type Strowger exchanges.
  11. The problem is people click and expect to see something about Cycling on Towpaths not old black and white films or, in the other instance, pictures of an American shop when someone is introducing themselves.
  12. Nice pic Plantfit, good that you're not distracted by someone trying to interfere with the the subject.
  13. TRD

    New to this

    Hi John, enjoy your time here. Ignore people who try to move your posts away from the subject.
  14. TRD


    Can we get back to the question please,
  15. TRD


    You can see why Windows has the edge, it's much easier ;-(