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  1. Model Railways

    Many a winter's day to be spent ;-)
  2. Nottingham had 2 exchanges, Archer and Castle both Strowger. Archer numbers began with 5 and Castle began with 4. The other exchanges around Nottingham were called satellite exchanges and were either 2000 or 4000 type Strowger exchanges.
  3. The problem is people click and expect to see something about Cycling on Towpaths not old black and white films or, in the other instance, pictures of an American shop when someone is introducing themselves.
  4. Nice pic Plantfit, good that you're not distracted by someone trying to interfere with the the subject.
  5. New to this

    Hi John, enjoy your time here. Ignore people who try to move your posts away from the subject.
  6. Linux

    Can we get back to the question please,
  7. Linux

    You can see why Windows has the edge, it's much easier ;-(
  8. Linux

    Started a topic named Unix and it should be Linus, so unless anyone can rename it it's now here. I'm unable to run Skype on Linux because it says it's not supported, anyone else having a problem ?
  9. Unix

    You're right it's LInux.
  10. Unix

    Anyone running Skype on Unix, mine's stopped working because it's not supported.
  11. Russell Evans

    Ex Notts CCC and cricket umpire Russell Evans passed away last night aged just 52. It was a pleasure to have known you Russ, deepest sympathy to his family.
  12. Classic cars

    Another program on Talking Pictures today is Glimpses: Motor Salesmanship in the 1930s and includes an interesting visit to The Hillman & Humber Works in Coventry, Dunlop Works in Birmingham, Vauxhall in Luton and the Austin works in Longbridge.
  13. Rodney Bewes

    At an age when we all start to go, RIP Rodney
  14. Keith Barron

    Keith Barron, who was in Duty Free, has died aged 83. RIP