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  1. Are you thinking of the club that was on Clumber Street, name I cannot remember
  2. I remember the Trent overflowing in the mid sixties at Wilford and we could not go to school (Deering)for two days because the halfpenny bridge was closed
  3. Rayp

    St. Faiths

    Used to go to St Faiths dances in a plastic Rocker leather jacket that used to go soft near the heaters,also bought an Itom 50cc motor bike from Andy Bones.Rockers laughted at us so we turned mod
  4. What about Fat Freda Chipshop and the Hozeene Factory ?
  5. Rayp

    Can You Name10

    How about Dixon Marriott Perkins Rood Bakewell Shaw Woodman Patrick Leckie Glover Edwoods Phillips Pinder Arnold Just to name a few
  6. "I believe Burtons became a "Fine Fare" supermarket in later years." Certainly was, i was assistant manager at this store,remember the opening day,the first 200 customers received a frozen chicken , a very quite opening and some customers got up to 3 chickens The chickens were going cheep
  7. Went to the Imperial every Saturday morning ,was known as the Threepenny Rush,and yes it was a fleapit but a lorra fun
  8. Rayp


    Sorry forgetting myself Aye up meduck,whese ya bin
  9. Hi Cliff I was a trainee manager at the Southchurch Co-op in tha sixtees and ran the record department(one counter) because no one new about pop music,the manager a Mr Plackett made me order in Jim Reeves records so he could take them home to listen to them and would return them two weeks later. Does any one remember the fire in the hairdressing salon? I remember we filled buckets with water and i started to fill mine from the hot water tap at which point one of the female staff said "don't use the hot water it will make the fire worst"
  10. Saturday morning rush at the Imperial down the Medda's for threepence plus you got a free orange.....happy days
  11. Saw Hendrix at the Sherwood Rooms,had no money so sneeked in with a mate via the fire exit stairs