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  1. I've often wondered how deep the Trent is on average. Around bridges it often looked very deep, but that may have been because it was so mucky. A lot of the rivers here are fairly clear so you can quickly get an idea of depth.
  2. Sounds like you've got just the medicine, Jill. Enjoy! Phil...My Bach is definitely worse than my bite.
  3. I'd never heard of an Allen GW 4. Could be a theatre organ, They do make them. Have you heard of 'Hauptwerk'? It's a virtual organ program that runs via midi connected keyboards. Made in th US, but I know it has a good foothold in the UK. It uses digitally sampled sounds from various organs, then you can play them if you have a midi capable organ. Unfortunately I don't, but I did try the free version using my midi piano keyboard. It sounded great.
  4. Happy birthday, Jill. Treat yourself to some cake and a good dose of Bach. You'll feel even younger.
  5. Wait 'til they're chasing you with the covid jab.
  6. Can't lend yer a bob BK. I'll be skint after this lot. I'll need owt that's left to buy a bone.
  7. Thanks Oz. My thinkng is that the eye doctor will refer me to get the other one done. It is not as bad as the left one, but I can see the difference now. Colurs are not as bright and it's focus has changed. That's why I went to the eye docs at first. I just thought I needed new lenses. The reading part of my tri focals still helps with my Ipad, but I'd love to get rid of glasses altogether. Time will tell. Not scared of the surgery now, it was nothing. I've had worse dentist visits.
  8. Patch off this afternoon. Just a bit fuzzy still as he said the eye is still a bit swollen due to additional work done on it to relieve glaucoma pressure. He said it should clear over the next two or three days. It is still much better, brighter, and the cataract has obviously gone. Even I could see it. Follow up apptmt with regular eye doctor next week to see about the left eye and keep using the drops.
  9. They would if they could. They have been acting very concerned for me. Maybe they think i won't be able to find the dog food. No eye drops until he takes the patch off. Probably have to sleep with it on for a night or two so as I don't scratch or rub it.
  10. Had me cataract surgery done yesterday. Not a bad experience, but I'm running around like a one eyed pup, reading NS with right eye only due to patch over left eye. Get the patch off later. Looking forward to it. I can see light and shapes throught it. So the eye is still there.
  11. Looks like it's bunged up!
  12. I'm flushed with happiness.
  13. Sorry about the fall Lizzie. you'll probably ache a bit for a day or two. Glad it was no worse. Take it easy for a while.
  14. Wow! They made it into quite the place. Still wouldn't want to live there though. Had a horrible reputation for child labour (Wickepedia) Probably 'aunted.
  15. May have been called, 'The Old Mill' but couldn't be sure now. I don't think I'd like the Dover Beck running under my front room. It must have cost a fortune to renovate. I would think the brick shell would have been the only part salvageable and even that pretty damp. Interesting.
  16. What happened to the old watermill at Gonalston, Phil? In my teens it was run down, no roof. Spooky old place. Then I heard they turned it into a restaurant. Not heard of it since.
  17. My doctor believes that ultimately all will be infected, like the common cold or flu'. The main difference being in the reaction to it. We already know that certain groups are at greater risk..
  18. Brings to mind, when does a 'Minster' become a cathedral? What are the qualifications? Nottingham has an RC Cathedral but its not as big as Southwell Minster.
  19. I second Col on this. Just gorrup! Just take care and as Jill said, think of all them cream cakes.
  20. Could be, Brew. I got the original version and then downloaded an update for win7. Probably better editors available today but it's always done what I wanted with no problems.
  21. No. Pinnacle. Likes a lot of mem' for HD.
  22. Already do HSR. My win 7 machine is running an older video editor. Works fine for me. I never run it on the internet so no AV software etc to slow it down.
  23. We've had lots of issues from XP onwards. Each new OS will not cooperate with previous software versions. Mrs. L has had a lot of issues with her genealogy software which worked fine with the previous OS. We were quite happy with Win 7. Now that is no longer supported. I'm sick of putting money in Gate's pocket. Heaven help us now he's pushing vaccines. He finally drove me to Linux and I've never regretted it.