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  1. Even visible down here in Georgia. I didn't see them it was still light when I turned in. Lots of photos online this morning. I'll look tonight, probably see nowt. Saw 'em lots when I lived in Canada. Hope ya'll get to see them.
  2. When the late Mrs Loppy used to go away. Usually to visit her folks in Nottingham. I tried to do a major upgrade then wait to see how long it took her to notice when she came home. Biggest laugh I got was one time I replaced the bathroom vanity mirror with a real big one. It took about three days before she came into the living room and said, "Did you do something to the bathroom mirror while I was away?" She was smart, sometimes I think it was her way of getting things done.
  3. Never saw anything like this in my 26 years in Notts.
  4. That was when my wife was there. Just before we married in 1965.
  5. What happened to Clarendon college? Late wife did secretarial training there.
  6. Us old dogs can't bark the way we once did.
  7. Late wife went to NGHS. I think she got a decent education, but she never spoke too highly of it.
  8. Question then becomes, which piece? I lean towards Bach's Arioso. Not sure of the BWV number. or Air on a G string.
  9. Many moons ago (early 60s) when I was a young apprentice electrician the co. I worked for repaired small appliances as well as wiring schools etc. Kettles, irons, hair dryers, electric fires etc. Parts were plentiful and just a few shillings each. A couple of us would stay in the shop for about an hour each morning before we hit the road to fix 'em. Often not much wrong, burned out element or broken power cord + a few bob for parts. Whole job usually less than a couple of quid and often much less if just a broken wire. The shop was honest and the customer would only be charged a bob or tw
  10. No not me Ian. Retired electrician named David before me ears grew long.
  11. Dozed in my recliner after around 3.30. a.m. Bad idea! Woke up with a stiff neck and a bad case of the drools. I'm gerrin' owd! Jake sleeping happily at my feet. He's back there again now, 3.00 p.m. It's a dog's life. I'm ready to doze again but not in this chair anymore. Sky looks like more on the way.
  12. Lousy thunderstorm at 2 a.m Christmas night woke us all up. Climate change??? We were not amused. It is not fun taking a Beagle out for a pee at 2.30 a.m. in a thunderstorm. My gripe for the day. Lol. Happy new year!
  13. Merry Christmas ya'll. Hope your day's going well.
  14. The boys always do especially well at holiday times. They share whatever that rotten Jake the Beagle can steal.
  15. The Bible does not give us an actual date when Christ was born, neither does it tell us how to celebrate it. Those parts are human additions. The older I get the less I am interested in getting or receiving presents. I am thankful for the good things I already have. Hope ya'll have a happy Christmas. From all at the Doghouse.
  16. Look out for the ghosts of Christmas past.
  17. Goes with the musical topic. Beans, Beans, musical fruit the more you eat the more you toot the more you toot, the better you feel so lets have beans with every meal. Author unknown.
  18. Happy birthday Jill, and many more.
  19. Happy birthday BK. I'll catch up with ya next year.
  20. May have been, I don't know for sure I was just a kid.
  21. Heat pumps are popular here in Ga. Probably more for their air conditioning value than heating. We have one and have been very satisfied with it. Most use forced air to circulate heat or cool air. I have never seen one heat radiators. Noise levels are low from the compressor which is outside. There are backup heating elements for if it gets too cold outside. (very rare here) They don't kick in often. We have no gas in the house. Power bills are reasonable. Higher in summer when A/C runs more. Great for our climate.
  22. Agreed DJ. Never been referred to as the Late Loppy before. Bit scary for an old dog.