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  1. Happy birthday Nonna. Sorry I missed it too. Probably out watering a tree.
  2. happy birthday Jill. Have a little Bach.
  3. Enjoy it while you can, Ben. If the economy keeps up it's present course it may disappear.
  4. Re. Cashless society. I'm going to ref. a Bible text here in a moment. If that offends please ignore this post. This old hound is not preaching. Simply using a ref as I might any other literature. Just look up Revelation 13. First few verses will do. You can probably find it online if you don't have a Bible. The incredible thing, to me, is that this was written almost 2000 years before, electricity, computers, an internet or a modern banking, commercial system. I got my first credit card when I came to Canada since then I have watched them become essential. You can't rent a
  5. Thanks for all the kind birthday greetings y'all. Yes had a crunchy. Mrs. L bought me box of chocolates and keeps the crunchies stocked up in the kitchen with me dog biscuits. I never mention birthdays anymore gerrin' too owd. Always got fireworks when I were a pup. Easy cheap gift I guess. Hope y'all had a fun bonfire night.
  6. Favorite has always been Crunchy bars. Never found any in a shop here. but you can get 'em on Amazon. Have to watch it in summer because if you leave 'em in the mailbox the chocolate melts.
  7. Once went for an interview there as a maintenance electrician. The warden said if you get a job in the system we can transfer you anywhere even Dartmoor, would you go? I said, no thanks, didn't get the job. Glad I didn't.
  8. I was a new electrician in 66 average wage about 20 quid a week. So 200 pounds was a good chunk of change. Like you, Mary, married 1965. Good year. New semi detached averaged 3000 so things were pretty tight. Electricians pay in Canada much better. (One of the reasons we went) Took my hi-fi system with us though. Do they still even make Dansettes?
  9. First decent stereo system. Rogers amp 30+ pounds, two Wharfdale speakers. 15 pounds each, Thorens Td150 turntable 30+ pounds. Total outlay approx' 200 pounds all brand new. Wimpey house in Basford. 3150.00 pounds. it was all I could afford in 1966. Couldn't afford the pickup arm now.
  10. i'm behind the inflationary times. I could have bought three houses in the 60s for nine grand.
  11. Thanks. Improved my bark, but my Bach is not in this organist's class. Did you notice he had no sheet music on the music desk? Played it perfectly from memory. Fine instrument too. Got a clean bill of health from the doc this morning. Actually played the organ this afternoon. Not in this guys league though.
  12. Thanks for the kind response D A. Haven't been barking quite so much. Mostly due to a few health issues, but I can still manage the odd growl or howl.
  13. Grandparents was an Ekco 12 inch. Big screen for those days. Bit bigger than my Samsung tablet. Bit heavier though. No option but the Beeb in those days.
  14. My grandparents got tv several years before my folks rented one. Grandparents got theirs in 53. The year of the coronation. When I first got to see it my greatest disappointment was that it was only black and white. I think we had already gotten used to seeing colour films at the cinema so I just assumed, as a kid, tv would be coloured. It was some years before colour tv would become a realty. Just shewing my age I guess. Now, where did I leave my crystal set?
  15. Completely missed us. Went over Florida then up the East coast. Truly sorry for the Floridians who got hit prettty hard. Actually we could do with a drop of rain. Pretty dry here right now.
  16. Mrs. L said there's one headed up here. Better tie the doghouse down.
  17. I wouldn't do any of that BK. Kindhearted Beagle I am
  18. Not much barking. A bit of snarling growling and whining though.
  19. Thanks for the tonic, Willow. Bach's genius is always a blessing.
  20. Hi Ian. After starting out in Toronto. 1970, four years later we moved to Calgary, Alberta. Houses were more affordable there. Spent 15 years there. 1990 moved up to near Edmonton. )ived there until first wife died in 99. Lived alone for two years until the current Mrs L from Georgia showed up. Long story short we married and I moved to Georgia, Been here 20 odd years now.
  21. Thanks y'all You're making me feel better already. One of the nurses asked me if I'd learned to say 'y'all' yet. I didn't try to teach her 'ayagorraweyah' Thought it might be a bit much. I think one of the first questions each one asked was, "Where you from."?
  22. Got back from an overnight in the hospital yesterday pm. Friday a.m I was having breakfast when Mrs. L said, "I've called the ambulance." My response was WHY? She said you were unresponsive and you threw up. I had no memory of such a thing. Seems I was unconscious for several minutes. spent some time in emergency and a test showed I was CV positive and severely dehydrated so they kept me overnight for observation. Mrs. L tested positive with home test kit. I had a sore throat the previous day or two. Now cleared up but left with a cough. Barking with the dogs. Feel weak now, I think