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  1. Called in Chandos school while over on my first trip back from Canada in 1974. Everything I remembered now seemed so much smaller. No longer a boys school now infants and juniors. We can never really go back. Our memories don't quite match anymore. Better to just live with our memories IMHO.
  2. Brought back a few good memories. Thanks Ben. You and I were very similar. Left school in 59. Started first job in Jan'60. That sounded very American. No drive in movies in Nottingham in the 60s. Had to make do with the Ritz Carlton, ABC, or Odeon. Very pleasant. Didn't have a car either.
  3. If I remember rightly I think CT said the last time John posted on NS was around October 22. He was never critical of NS so i don't think he would just drop off. Seems to me that is the biggest weakness of Inet forums. There is no sense of closure. If someone just stops posting it is doubtful we will ever know why. PS. I still have his email. He was more prompt than me in replying, but nothing since October.
  4. Thanks CT. Glad he's still active. Still no sign of John. (Ayeupmeducks) Doesn't answer emails either. We always got on well and he was prompt in replying. Nothing I can do.
  5. Haven't seen Ben for a while hope he's ok.
  6. We still haven't heard about the budgie and shed issue.
  7. It may have been Mark Twain who said, "If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it."
  8. Excuse my ignorance but where did all the 'travellors' come from? In all of my years growing up in the UK I never really heard of them, and certainly nothing of the damage and lawbreaking they seem to be causing now.
  9. I still have some good memories of the Netherfield area where I grew up. I last visited in 1997. As my late wife and I sat in Mcdonalds having a coffee she remarked that the shopping centre across the street looked like a Canadian area now. That was where I used to fly my kite when I was a kid. There is really no going back. Though the USA has it's faults I am happy enough here now with my photo albums and memories.
  10. One quite near to you, Phil. 'Southwell' Often heard it prounounced Suthall. Other times South_well. Which is it? Always used Southwell myself.
  11. Then, tea in the shed with the budgie, eh Ben? Come on! Ya gotta tell us that tale. I look for it every day.
  12. Happy birthday, Margie. Lord bless.
  13. Happy belated birthday, Ben. Sorry I missed it, not getting younger. Wish you many more mate.
  14. Late wife's name was Janet. Born mid forties, like me. second wife, Mrs Loppy, also Janet. Guess I've always liked the name. Also born in forties. Not a name you hear much today.
  15. I guess the guy lingered, Ben. because he never expected to see Alf Garnett in a police lineup.
  16. Wondering if you have an email for Eyeupmeducks. John. I've kept in touch with him. No answers to Christmas and new year greetings. Haven't seen any postings from him recently. That's not like John.
  17. No Jill. The boys were in the house. You do have to watch out for them, they have a habit of parking near your feet. Learned a valuable lesson BK. It all happened so quick. I'm amazed I didn't break my glasses.
  18. I've got a black eye, Ya shoulda seen the other guy though. Seriously though, I was re potting some Tomato seedlings in my shed. I stepped back and somehow lost my balance, hit the side of my face against a small table on the way down now I've got a real shiner. Not quite so black this a.m but spreading. Doubt it will be gone by Sunday. Don't know if I'll go to church. Questions will be asked.
  19. Canada Geese are everywhere, even here in Ga. They hang out at some of the lakes around here. Closest canadian border is Ontario and that's over 900 miles from here. Alberta, my old home is over 2000 miles. They sometimes fly over here in V formation. Dogs just watch 'em and lick their lips.
  20. Last major buy I made several years ago was a Panasonic projector. No bigger than a slide projector and can throw an H D image 12 feet across onto a white wall or screen. These days I don't watch tv much anymore. The news and commercials are even more horrible 12 feet wide. Some of the old remastered Cinerama flicks look good though. Especially the roller coaster ride just 15 feet away from the screen.
  21. Never had a colour set until we moved to Canada. Then we bought one. Never heard of tv rental in North America.
  22. I think sets were less reliable then. If it broke down you just called the company. They would send a repair man who would leave a loaner if he had to take yours into the shop. So you were never without one and no expensive repairs. Always remember a Wigfalls guy who described them as "Wiggy's super service. "
  23. Just thinking. Back in the early days of tv 50/60s it seemed, ln my circles anyway, that most folks rented a set from, Wigfalls, Radio Rentals, Rediffusion etc. Understandable as many cost several weeks wages and about two men to lift 'em. In todays market of big LCD screens, solid state, and relatively light and inexpensive sets do folks still rent a tv or are the rental companies out of business?
  24. Haven't seen a post here I really disagree with. Some crazy fanatics do, unfortunately use it as an excuse to bump off those they don't like. I can honestly say I"ve never met a genuine Baptist (my crowd) who wanted to murder anybody. We just hold 'em down for a long time and drown 'em. On that positive note I'll bow out of this interesting exchange 'cus it is just supposed to be about our day. I'm busy barking, cough and cold.