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  1. I think what we have here is the age old debate with fans of each system. Happens with cars. Ford, users vs. all the rest. I guess in the final analysis it just comes down to personal prefererance.
  2. You may have a point, but just speaking for myself it does everything I bother to do these days. Quickly, smoothly, without bugs, and all in a windows like environment which I was used to. It can even run some of my older windows software just as quickly. Tells you when updates are available and doesn't nag you about them if you choose not to instal them.
  3. Been on Linux for years. still works great and didn't cost me owt. Wouldn't go back to m$oft if it were free!
  4. Beginning to sound a bit New World Orderish. Maybe we won't even be allowed to own the car, just pay as you use one and you won't even get to do that if you have a low social credit score. "You will own nothing, and you wil be happy!" No thanks! Beam me up Scotty.
  5. What's to stop someone taking a good relatively new battery out of your car and putting in an older unit with more miles on it in its place? We all know how honest everyone is these days.
  6. Someone on a website I read yesterday said an anagram of the greek letter 'omicron' could be 'moronic'
  7. We have had issues here with battery fires. Seems like the technology needs a lot more work before it can ever become safely mainstream. I'm glad to have lived through the days of the gas powered engine. It has given me a lot of pleasure.
  8. My old Crown Vic probably last car I'll ever own. No interest in electric. Don't have an extension cord long enough.
  9. Wouldn't dare in a place like that was. Just wolfed it dahn Cost me a weeks wages if I remember rightly.
  10. I'm not measured in doggy years only human ones. Now Jake! He's a genuine hound dog. Turned 11 this year, thus 77 human equivalent same as me.
  11. Moulon Rouge. Brings back memories. First decent restaurant I ever took my late wife to. Third or fourth date after the pictures or the chip shop. didn't know how to behave in such a place.
  12. 'Scuse me ignorance, but what's croggie? Maybe I shouldn't have asked.
  13. Happy birthday BK. You're beating me by one year.
  14. Woof, woof, woof! Yep! still wetting lamp posts and chasing Squirrels. Jake, (the real hound) just turned eleven. I told him we're the same age now. He just gave me a dirty look. Thanks for the greetings. It's nice to be remembered.
  15. Worked with an electrician who told his wife that if she went outside and looked she could see the tv pictures going into the aerial. She did it! He may have slept on the couch that night.
  16. Mine caught me and I only saw her home after the dance. A hound should be able to run better than that, but I guess I wanted to get caught. Went to the pictures next night. Ritz Carlton. I was living high. Lousy film but neither of us cared. Felt like the Beagle that caught the Rabbit.
  17. Thanks Jill. Still a bit of life in the owd dog. Jake is now 11, he's caught me up. Much whiter in the face and ears, but he still runs as fast as ever. I can't. I was just wondering if Ben could outrun Maude these days. Whaddya think, Ben?
  18. Aye-up Ben. I enjoy the romantic stuff. It was always happy enough for me. Big song in our day was, 'Then he kissed me.' She really nailed me that night, never forgot it. Lol When we got our first dog he was a nipper. We still used to sing that song, but changed the words, to Then he bit me. Still can't hear it without tearing up so won't try to link it.
  19. Don't do it Ben! You never know what might happen.
  20. Nowt much happening really. Those of us still here are fifteen years older. More grey hair and health problems and a bit grumpier. All except me' of course!
  21. Wow! You made me sign in, Ben. Good post. 1963 Was a great year. Met the first Mrs. L at the YMCA Monday night dance. Married for 33 great years. I'd be married to her yet if she'd lived. Enjoyed Nottingham in the 60s.
  22. Not as well as I would like, Chris. Right foot lacks feeling so sometimes I hit pedal notes I didn't want to touch. Right arm and hand are weak after stroke, so again, wrong notes. Left hand is going a bit that way, probably arthritis. That's why I haven't posted any video for quite a while. I'm not proud of my efforts. Still play for my own enjoyment just whine every time I goof. I don't expect a call from Blackpool or Westminster abbey. Lol. Dogs seem to like a bit of fractured Bach anyway. Gerrin' owd ain't for sissies.
  23. Good to hear you are ok, Carni. Glad the accibent was no worse and I hope you can get satisfactory settlement. I still read NS most days, but have not logged in much lately. I've had my share of health issues recently, but I'm not pushing up Daisys yet. Just peeing on 'em and shaking me ears. Think most of my problems may be Arthritis, but that should be in the ailments thread. I am not barking much these days. Things are so crazy and divisive in these days I am not much interested in arguing either in person or online so I just sit in the doghouse and growl.
  24. Always wondered how Alf Garnett looked as a kid. Now I know.