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  1. Why cant the mindless morons leave things alone? Same goes for idiots who damage gravestones! I wonder how they would feel if it was their relatives gravestone that was being vandalised!
  2. Like that Den,it made me laugh! lol. x
  3. Happy new year to you all. We went down town early doors and caught the last bus home just after 7. Watched the london fireworks at midnight on the tele. Chrissy. x
  4. I always used to love christmas when i was very young.As my birthday is boxing day we always had a big party with all the family and i used to look forward to my eldest brother and his wife (sadly both no longer with us)coming over from oldham street off carlton road then later when they moved to clifton. I have still got a lovely photo of my 5th birthday party with family and friends on. Later when i left home we used to always go to brother in law and sister in laws on shelford road in gedling where they put on really fun parties,getting dressed up and playing games. Christmas is not the sam
  5. Hi fynger. Yes hubby has just been put on the tablets due to finding out he has angina. He has to have a quick spray before we set out on the bikes! We dont go that far tho,just down thru burton joyce and along by the trent and back thru stoke bardolph. I have just found out one reason why i can never lose much weight,apparently after just having a blood test the doc found out that my thyroid is under active so hopefully if he gives me some pills i might be able to shift some. I used to go to slimmimg world and it took me 7 months to lose 7 pound! The lady i work for started 6 weeks ago and ha
  6. Me and hubby ave just got ourselves mountain bikes. Dont intend goin up any mountains tho! lol.Try to stick to cycle paths where we can. Dont like goin on the roads. Avent bin on a bike for about 40 year so takin a bit of gettin used to.
  7. I dont drive but hubbys first car after being on bikes for 8 years was a black mini with a gold roof!
  8. Dont mention the s###in council to me. Thanx to their brilliant idea to start charging for the car parks takings have gone down over 20 per cent in the shop where i work and my hours have been cut and if it gets any worse they might end up closing altogether and i will be out of a job! The cafe in carlton square is closing this week (just the first of many i think )
  9. Talkin of rock city i am going there on 12th september to see Livewire(ac/dc tribute band)and Limehouse Lizzy who i have seen a couple of times before and they were great. Is anybody else going? Chrissy. x
  10. Ha Ha. Good one den. Like it. Nice to see you again the other day with your grandaughter. Pop in the shop again when you are passing. Chrissy.
  11. Hi there. I am also into rock bands,my brother plays bass in a band called JESTER. Have you seen them play? Chrissy. x
  12. How about JESTER as nottinghams best rock band! But then i am biased cos the bass player is my brother! x
  13. Just to put my point of view to this discussion. Michael Jackson was a brilliant singer/dancer and i loved his music. As for being a peodo i never will believe that. For a start anybody who was abused as a child would never put any other kid through the same thing, and as for him sharing his bed with children its because he was like a child himself and i think very mis understood! And it is only peoples dirty minds that think it is anything else!
  14. Im having probs with Outlook Express as well. Cant send or recieve e mails for the last few days,keeps asking for my password and user name!