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  1. I remember going to the cinerama on the forest, was fantastic. There is still a cinerama in Bradford
  2. Just read that Mick Woodward has died, was good friends with him at school, remember him saying he was adopted. What happened ? Would be good to know how he got on in life? I also remember Stephen Colston and Raymond Stevens and his brothers
  3. Hi Mick, thought this forum had gone off line a while ago only found it again today. Yes, remember miss Slack.
  4. Does anyone remember Mrs bakewell teacher of 2B Junior school? I'm sorry to say she passed away suddenly at the end of January 2013. She was in fact my sister-in-law, complicated family history. She died on Friday morning while cleaning her teeth and was found by her husband with her tooth brush in her hand.
  5. Thinking about teachers, do you remember Mr Chambers the English teacher? He could write on the balckboard and keep an eye on the class at the same time as he was squint eyed. Remember him pulling someone out from the class who had to put their hands on the cross bar of the blackboard and while he swished hos cane put his hand in his pocket, pulled out a coin, flicked and said Heads or Tail, whoever it was was lucky and sat back down again.
  6. The only names I can remember are Raymond Stevens middle row first right and next to him David Elliott
  7. This is the only photo I have at the senior school, I think it's the first year 1964 and the teacher is Mr Varney? I've gone up in the world in this photo I'm in the middle row first on the left
  8. Think this is the third year, 1963, at junior school. I'm on the front row fourth from the left.
  9. I think this is the second year at junior, about 1962, the teacher is Betty Bakewell, my sister in-law. Was odd being having her as a teacher didn't know if to call her Betty or Miss Bakewell? I'm on the front row sitting second from the right.
  10. I think this is the first year at Junior school in 1961. I'm the one on the front row at the extreme left.
  11. This is the Nativity Play, I'm the one in the black Chinese outfit, cute arn't I. Again this would have been aroung 1958\60.
  12. This was at the infants school on Wilford Grove, I lived opposite at 126. I'm the one on the right. This would have been aroung 1959\60
  13. I remember him, the only teacher that could write on the blackboard and keep his other eye on the class. If he caught you messing about he would get you to put your hands on the cross bar of the blackboard and swish his cane. He would then put his hand in his pocket pull out a penny flip it and ask you' Head or Tails' if you got it right you were set back to your seat. I also remember someday he would say we're not having any English today and would read stories from a book, he was a very good characrter reader.
  14. I remember Wollies, you are all right. The original shop was to the right of the Sawers Arms, later on they built an extension on the corner to the left of the Sawers Arms but the two shops were linked across the back. You could go in one store and come out of the other. When I was sixteen, god what a long time ago, I worked in Burtons Taylors which is the corner shop on the right of the first picture. I remember when I worked there that there was a river running underground under the shop. When it rained hard the water would flood the basement. I also remember when I was little there wa