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  1. Shocked and sad to hear this news, RIP Kev.
  2. Try:
  3. It appears to be an ex WD Bedford MW
  4. Katyjay, AU, TO & TV were Nottingham [city], AL, NN, RR & VO were Nottinghamshire CC issue.
  5. Most likely the 'test mode' is enabled when the software detects that the front wheels are turning on the rolling road but the rear wheels are stationary.
  6. 'C'mon, move your carcass' - if I was standing in the way.
  7. A salute to 92 Squadron, well in the thick of it 75 years ago. My mothers cousin is standing under the prop, he crashed 75 years ago yesterday (survived) after downing an ME109 over the Solent.
  8. Raising a glass today in memory and appreciation of The Few on the 75th anniversary of the start of the Battle of Britain.
  9. It was found after 'routine' inspection, if it was down there 20 years then a good many routine inspections must have missed it?
  10. REgarding the previous posts about The Chequered Flag,
  11. An extra second in bed, luxury...
  12. What is a classic car - the ultimate $64,000 question. In 46 years in/around the motor industry I have never seen a definition of 'classic car'. In fact, does the term relate to 'a car' or the 'design/model'. For example, most would agree that the Morris Minor 1000 is a classic/iconic design, but does this mean every example of a MM is a classic car? I would say not. Insurance brokers generally sell classic policies for vehicles 20 years+ old - but surely some vehicles reaching 20 are not 'classic' in design or per car. The HMRC treat cars over 15 years old with a market value greater than
  13. Am I alone in thinking that the images of older cars look even more special when they sport a Nottingham [ AU, TO & TV ] or Nottinghamshire [ AL, NN, RR & VO ] registration number?
  14. I use Family Tree Maker 2008 successfully on Windows 8.1 though it says XP on the product packaging.
  15. Looks as if it will be a BP station with M&S shop. and
  16. I remember them Chulla, whilst they could be on any day they seemed more frequent on Sunday tea-times.
  17. #2746 Date unknown but about 1947 I think.
  18. Notices in the NEP reporting patient conditions - by code number:
  19. Cliff Ton, National Savings stamps finished in 1976, the one depicted is from 1960. They retain their face value and can still be cashed in. However, like Premium Bonds they do not attract interest.
  20. I have no idea about Nottingham City but in Beeston as part of the Sainsbury redevelopment off Albion Street a new link road was built behind the Cricketers pub called Lace Street. This would have been approx 1986.
  21. The "RB" in the Rolls jet-engine name sequence stands for "Rolls Barnoldswick". If Rolls had not swapped Nottingham for Barnoldswick perhaps the jet engines may have been "RNxxx"? - Discuss....
  22. A Cromwell Tank - from my father's album. He transferred from the RAF to the Royal Armoured Corps and was preparing to go off to Burma, 1945.