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  1. It was me who mentioned Lulu. She was definately there but this was in the early 50's with Lonnie Donegan and the Beach Boys. And thank you to all the others who have posted with a great list of old names from the past. Marvellous. Thank you.
  2. Is someone going to tell me about the missing cannons or not!!!
  3. Yes, a great place Wollaton Hall. I lived about 200 yards from there by the halfway gates along the avenue. In those days you could climb through a fence that had wide openings. Now you have go to Wollaton Road entrance as the fence is now kid proof. I shall always remember the 1951 centenary of the 1851 Great Exhibition. For a kid of 11 it was a fairy tale. All the trees on the avenue had lit up animals and others in weird places. i managed to see the Army lay on some sort of parade, fireworks etc. Marvellous.I hope they do it again in 2051, sadly I won't be there! Sounds as though some of
  4. I also remember Eric and Mary very well. We must both be about the same age then. I was born in1940 in Dalby Square. So how come we cannot remember each other? Can you remember anyone else? I remember the Palmers John and Peter at I think nr 8. Their dad used to run a steam train in their front garden as a he worked at British Rail. Are they still there I ask? Keep well David L.
  5. Richonmc1 I used to live at number 1 regards
  6. Hello Richonmc1 At last getting somewhere with trying to contact someone from all those years ago. First can I put you right on the Co-op. There wasn't one in Farndon Green. Post office, butcher, bread shop, clothing shop and Mrs. Whettons the lovely general store and lastly a greengrocers. The name you have given me rings a long lost bell. What number where they in Dalby Square? Regards, David L.
  7. I was there from 1945 (good grief how far away is that?) to 1951 then on to Cottesmore. Anyone out there?
  8. All well and good but no-one has said if they still have these colours
  9. All the way back in the past I have remembered the taxi's having a cream coloured bonnet. There was talk of that changing but I cannot remember when or if it actually took place. They stood out a mile and the drivers must have been proud of their vehicles. Would someone kindly put me in the picture? Ta.
  10. Not quite WW2 but just after. In about 1945/6 myself and two cousins were at the boating lake by the university at Clifton. All of a sudden the sky was filled with thousands of aircraft flying east to west. I presume it was to celebrate our winning the war. Maybe this is the flypast in which Douglas Bader flew in. Anyone remember it or took photographs.
  11. Look at the Lenton Times website Radford Boy. In the photographs section a picture of all the teachers of that time including the chisel throwing Mr. Fox the woodwork teacher.
  12. Just wondering if I get any replies to this subject. I was in the Sherwood Foresters ACF on Triumph Road sometime around 1954/55 if my memory serves me correct. Anyone out there who was in BD and can remember those long ago times? DL
  13. Anne, oooooh! You're certainly bringing back the old memories now. The crossing over to the other side. Pictures appearing in my head now. I see from Cliff Ton's picture that the florist is still there.
  14. Anne, You're giving yourself away - the little snug behind the bar indeed!! Only went a few times before I joined the army. Is the interior just the same I wonder. Your last para Banjo48 I am sure is right. Certainly never saw Australia me thinks
  15. Thank you so much Cliff Ton. I am amazed. I was sure it would have gone years ago. The last time I was in there getting the usual butter and milk was in about 1949. Silver surfer you see. The two lovely buildings either side I always admired. I used to live in Dalby Square just off Farndon Green, Wollaton Park Cheers all, from the south of France