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  1. That clip was created using a debian linux operating system and the clip was scanned with clamav virus scanner and nothing untoward was found. That doesn't mean that one or more of the M$shaft based antivirus sytems wont come up with false positives. Heck, windows XP service pack 2? or 3? and above wont even let you download most things with bittorrent without them shouting virus and that's just by going on the file name. I'd apologise for causing anyone the frights but why should I apologise for crappy os's and there flakey av systems? Uuse them at your own risk.
  2. I'm glad it played on your comp'. But do you recognize the artist/title? :-)
  3. << I apologise if I've caused panic in the ranks friends, but seriously, I've just had my laptop cleansed and beautified and attempting that download sent the damn thing into overdrive. I have lost automatic password access to everything, perhaps I'm being over sensitive, but I had to press the switch off button and go through a disc check which revealed a few new problems. I didn't want you lot to have your computers screwed up as well. My missus' company employs a computer specialist who has to battle everyday against hackers, he's in despair, and we've had to battle against so many d
  4. Hi, Can someone tell me the artist name and song title (mp3 clip attached) taken from a very short segment of the Joe Meek documentary made by Arena some years ago. Thanks. Until further investigations have been carried out you click on this link at ones own risk. For me the link didn't play and for others their computers were subjected to strange happenings maybe a virus....thanks for listening..the admin team alway happy to inform even if we are taken for granted most of the time.... unknown.mp3
  5. I remember the American Civil war Cards - they were a bicentennial commemoration. Like you say, lots of gory pictures - impaled soldiers, soldiers under the wheels of cannons etc..... Anyone remember transfers? I think they were a bit earlier.
  6. gadge


    Nah, Einsteins theories are exceedingly well tested in experiments using particle accelerators and they say by GPS satellites. Einsteins theory of special relativity puts an upper limit on speed for anything which has mass. As velocity approaches light speed then the relativistic mass (and this is reflected in the momentum) increases and increases until it becomes infinite and theoretically an infinite anount of energy bwould be required to reach light speed. Thus according to Einstein you cant send any space craft or projectile at light speed (or even close to it unless it is very light li
  7. Denshaw wrote: "Next to the library was Collygate school, i think it was a concrete pre-fab building." That's the place! I was there for a year maybe before going to a place near the London road island (did it become a motor factors or summat in the 80's?). Anyway, hated the place, both of them. Was living on Summers Street until 1960 when we moved to WB.
  8. Anyone here go to the Spiders community centre disco on a friday nite in the late 60's/early 70's? I remember going to the off licence and buying a litre of cider/strongbow which was drunk on the street first. Same preparation before going in the Friary - was that on a thursday nite?
  9. Ok thanks both for the info. I was sure it was a girls school but had forgotten the name.
  10. The Playhouse bar in 78 was popular with punks and new wave :-)
  11. There was a school (still is I believe but now different name etc) about a quater mile from the Silverdale CC up a cycle path over the brook and on the left hand side - was it Charnwood Girls School? I'm talking the 60's. Thanks.
  12. Ok thanks both, I had a funny feeling abt the Bamboo but wasn't sure. Yes, I too had many an expresso coffe in the Bamboo, my mates uncle was the owner when it became Nino's - not sure if he owned it as the Bamboo though, he likely did though as I remember my mother was a frequenter of the joint and we were friends of the family so it seems to tie up. Thanks.
  13. Chris Mack Posted Jul 14 2008, 02:27 PM Tell us where you are now? I,m Chris Mackenzie,Finished school in 1968,for the past 19yrs living in Spain. Anybody out there remembers Blessed Robert Widmerpool(Swimming Pool),Clifton.? Corpus Christi,Wilford Lane.? Yeah, I finished at Corpo' in 71. There's a few ex-pupils registered on friendsreunited and contact is now free of charge if you want to get in touch with anyone registered on their system.
  14. Which side of Mansfield Road was the bamboo on? Anyone remember Nino's - about half way up on the left hand side. It was a bit rough in the early seventies but developed into a smoother joint over the years before moving into town somewhere near kings/trinity? walk.
  15. I haven't seen Chris Chambers in years. Him and a gang of us used to go down to the Union on a friday, he was a flash so and so in his triumph herald - certainly pulled the birds. I wasn't at Claremont but my cousin was, that's how I met Chris. I didn't know him too well, just saw him at the Union and a few pubs.