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  1. Mr Smith. I sure remember the Sandpiper, I used to dj there, 'till I got banned for using the Cortinas gear when they were off stage. Before that I dj'd at Katies in Beeston, perhaps the first "punk" venue in Nottm. I well remember the Damned in the Mkt Sq, I have a few pics of that day, and was also lucky enough to get backstage at the Clash Palais gig, where there was a crate of beer and tray full of chips that the Clash said they had demanded, not for them but for The Buzzcocks. Bumped into Howard Devoto that night and asked him what he'd been doing since he'd left Buzzcocks, his reply "I w
  2. Wotcha Mick, our 'Enry's doing well, he wanted me to say Hi, he remembers you, mind like a steel trap that owd boy !! He said he was going to check this forum out, so you may well hear from him yerself soon!! Is there still a club where the AdLib was ?? It's been 10 years or more since I was back home.
  3. Just caught up with this post. I certainly remember Katie's and Sandpiper, i used to dj at both back in 76/77 ish. A guy called dave nettleton tracked me down through a fanzine i was doing at the time and asked me to dj at Katies, there were only about a dozen punk singles out by then so it was a pretty boring set most nights. remember xtc, tom robinson, lurkers, the depressions all played there. Nettleton then took the show on to Sandpiper, where i dj'ed until one fateful night when, i believe it was the cortinas were playing, and me and a couple of mates got on stage and picked up their ge
  4. Hiya Stuart....The old fella at Ad Lib was named Basil if memory serves me. He wore evening dress and would go round with a torch asking the ladies to "watch yer handbags!" Aaah for a goat curry and a dozen rum and blacks.
  5. I do remember a game in the early '70's Forest v QPR Stan Bowles' wife had left him and the Forest mob struck up a chorus (to the tune of Oh My Darling Clementine) Where's your wife gone, where's your wife gone, where's your wife gone Stanley Bowles ?? Stan turned to the crowd, shrugged his shoulders and shook his head !! Bought the house down, and he got a good round of applause.
  6. Ahh yes, poor wiggy and then the super inventive Give it to Moore, Give it to Moore He will score, he will score !!
  7. now yer talking.. Wiggy, Wiggy, Wiggy Oi, Oi, Oi. or, zigger zagger, zigger zagger, joe baker !! or my particular favourite. we all agree, grummet is better than yashin ian moore is better than eusabio and tottenham are in for a thrashin' which raise an old eye brow or two at the forest spurs fa cup final in '91 !!
  8. Yes indeed, a small world. The earing !! He always told us it was so he do do the undercover work and look less suspicious !!! Of course WE believed him !! So were you Old Bill ?? I'd left Nottm by '79, and moved up to Manchester, then London, before California. I did inherit mmy passion for photography from dad, some of the pix he bought home to show us were...... interesting!!! sketch I'll tell him hello when we speak.
  9. Plummet were definitely 70's, and does anyone remember Some Chicken??,Cycle Annie, One Million Fuzztone Guitars ?? Goin punk on yer !! sketch
  10. well now that would be my dad. Sliverdale estate. He's still alive and kicking, will be 80 this year. sketch
  11. only just joined recently, but saw these posts and as i went to the Becket from 70-76, i thought I'd add me two cents. The cross country runs were a nightmare for us too, we ran down the towpath and were pelted with rocks from the Roland Green mob. If you got past them it was over Wilford Bridge up the Embankment to Trent Bridge and back to school.We were fortunate to avoid Mundella and Trent Bridge, but i do remember a few scuffles with the Mundella boys, they even tried to get into our yard one time, but we valiantly fought them off, it was like zulu !! Also the spenie saw some action as we
  12. Thanks, from LE to LA eh?? a slight change. Glad to be on board. sketch
  13. can't really defend that, as i quite agree, and it is spread quite liberally too!! this seems to have taken a quite decided football turn as opposed to the lingo i thought it would be. But I'm ok with that, where are all the forest fans though?? (by the way, that is a setter upper for some more gip) sketch
  14. John did i read on here that you lived on farnborough rd ?? My sister went to farnborough school. we lived on the silverdale estate 'tother side of the black path, across the brooke. sketch
  15. ahh The Ad Lib, that was a great club, like a rabbit warren in there, pungent aroma and heavy dub music, and who could forget Basil, the old dear who went around with a torch telling the girls to watch their handbags!! Sandpiper did put on some fine shows, sham69, magazine, adam and the ants, i got barred from there after me and a couple of mates picked up the cortinas' guitars and did an impromptu unannounced, and it seems unwanted jam !! Never got back in after that. sketch