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  1. Probably more than know his actual words were “Sam, I thought I told you never to play-...” Followed by “You played it for her, you can play it for me!”
  2. I wonder what happened in 2016 that led to them having to recruit lots more civil servants.
  3. The Dickinson & Morris pies sold in supermarkets are nothing like the ones they sell in their own shop, full of gristle and lacking any flavour. Last one I tried ended up in the bin. The only half way decent supermarket pork pie that I’ve found, having sampled many, is Sainsbury’s own brand, although it could do with more seasoning. Must remember to get a proper one from Chambers next time I’m in Arnold…
  4. That’s one of the downsides of LED lights on modern cars. When there’s a problem, the whole cluster usually has to be replaced. A quick search of the internet shows that rear light clusters for an S8 retail at just under £420, so the rest must have been a charge for diagnosing it, fitting it, and reprogramming the car to recognise it. And from my experience, cracks in rear light clusters are mainly down to the screws being over tightened when they were fitted.
  5. Was that Shapps? Thought it was either Michael Green, Corinne Stockheath or Sebastian Fox.
  6. But that has been happening since 2000, when Labour were previously in power. If there was an excessive wait for treatment, the NHS were able to use the private sector.
  7. What the FT has quoted Streeting as actually saying appears to be at odds with what people claim he said. “I can simultaneously want to reduce [NHS] reliance on the private sector by making sure it has the staff, the equipment, the technology it needs to treat patients on time, at the same time as recognising that there is currently some capacity in the private sector and we should seek to use it.”
  8. Saw Yes perform a few times in the 1970s, including three times at De Montfort Hall, Leicester, as well as at Reading Festival in 1975. Had all their albums, too. But having seen them on TV a while back, it’s not the same lineup as it used to be. Not one of the original members are still in the band. A bit like Trigger’s broom!
  9. Interesting to hear these problems with Fiats. About twenty years ago, I had a brand new, zero miles, Fiat as a courtesy car while my Peugeot was in for work after a bump. On the way home, I turned the radio on, absolutely nothing happened. Later in the day, went out in it again. As it was dark, I turned the lights on and suddenly, the radio came on! It’s true what they say about Italian electrics.
  10. That. With CANBUS wiring, everything is controlled by the onboard computer - which will need to be told that the bulb is new. Another nail in the coffin of DIY car repairs.
  11. Back in the 1990s, a book “Holy Blood and Holy Grail” was published by author Michael Baigent, which made claims about the lineage of Jesus, the Merovingian dynasty in France, and Rosslyn Chapel, together with claims of links to the Knights Templar, a secret society in France which protects the bloodline, and the Freemasons. None of it could be proven and much if not all of it was wishful thinking, of course, but it did form the basis of the book and film “Da Vinci Code”, with author Dan Brown even calling one of the characters Teabing (anagram of Baigent).
  12. The good news is that if you came back to the UK, as my father in law did when he returned from over 30 years in Canada, they’d unfreeze your pension and pay the full amount. He also got a full Canadian pension, and the two combined just about covered his care home fees after income tax.
  13. First time I saw Steve Harley perform was in about 1974, at Tiffany’s Night Club in Derby. There were about fifty people there, most of whom were completely disinterested and waiting for the disco music to start. Next time I saw him was only a year later. He was one of the headliners at Reading Rock Festival, playing to thousands and getting a great reception from a very difficult crowd who were known to show their appreciation or otherwise of performers by showering the stage with bottles and cans.
  14. Looking at the media coverage of the two by-elections, you’d think that Reform Party Ltd had won. Instead, we’ve had both the managing director (Tice) and one of their employees (Habib) on virtually every channel, plus their other director (Farage) claiming he could lead the Tory party if they’d have him.
  15. Nottingham University did some number crunching about students back in 2015. It’s likely that the figures are a lot higher now. “Every student studying and living in Nottingham is worth £10,933 of extra annual economic benefit to the local economy, with international students alone contributing £129.7m to the Nottingham, East Midlands and UK economies through their spending off-campus. The £129.7m of economic impact created by the University’s international students, supports 2,200 extra jobs in the UK. The £88.5m of fees they bring to the University helps support Notti