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  1. Thank you guys for all the info you have given me! It really come in useful for my essay and you guys and the forum will get a mention somewhere! Eyz
  2. Thank you so much guys for all your help! It has been amazing! I just got to go and write the blasted thing now! 3000 words for Wednesday! Your replies will come in really useful! Many Thanks Eyz! PS for Stan, if you gained that information off a website, book or any other medium could you tell me the reference for it please! Thanks!
  3. Hi! I'm new on here and discovered this little gem after I was researching for my University degree and hoping that people on here could help. I am currently undertaking my History degree at Trent and have been asked to do an assignment on a reading of Nottingham for my Heritage module. What me and my group have proposed is to look at the theatres and cinemas of today (and the past) and to see how these buildings can be read as part of the urban landscape. What I would need from you guys is any information or pictures on theatres and cinemas that are still visible today or have disappeared, a