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  1. Who mentioned 'slums'? I was taking about the quality/look of the buildings in st annes!!!!
  2. Didn't know that beefsteak.... what year was it filmed?What was the film about? God I hated that school.... judging by the performance on the league tables it has got much worse!
  3. Thanks paulus, yes, I would imagine that Havelock street would've been near, but sadly no longer exists.... not to criticise St Anns too badly but surely the housing that was pulled down was better than most of what is up now.... I have a real loathing for pebble dashing/rendering on houses - praps due to living in scotland where there is a lot (drab and dreary).
  4. I read it online as not in nottingham...... it was in the nottm evening post on the date that I quoted.....incidentially did you know '19,haveloch street in st anns,? If so whereabouts was it? My grandmother lived there some time in late 30s early 40s.
  5. Funny, lots of people do that for here!
  6. Yes I too read about egypts pigs being slaughtered.... strange that when I was in Egypt 2 christmases ago that you couldn't get pork anywhere..... even hard rock cafe had ' beef bacon'....... have the same problem here in most food outlets.... anyone tried beef bacon..... bl***y awful!!! Our pork sections of supermarkets here are fast running out lol
  7. what at 11.30 in the morning? Maybe a nice cocktail by the pool this aft!!!
  8. Today we have been informed that pork sections of the 2 licensed suppliers in abu Dhabi have had to remove all pork off shelves. Not yet banned in Dubais outlets YET....However better hurry to Spinneys supermarket to get bacon packs before 1. it either all goes or 2. Taken away..... un flamin believable!!!!! I didn't think you could get the swine flu through 'dead' pig!!!!! Any excuse from our muslim friends!
  9. Aren't swans meant to have a mate for life? If so the one on its own must be sad!!!! We have ducks and a family of 4 geese on our community/compound on the lake.....They will get very hot soon and are already shading under the bougenvillea bushes. Incidentially, how do you upload photos onto this forum???? Please advise in a way I can understand without getting all technical ( not that computer savvy!) Thanks in advance!
  10. Equiv. of 6-7 pounds here for a beer!!!!
  11. I am incredibly nosy and wondering when all street view will be able to be seen???
  12. Glad to see Beefsteak is using a good abbreviation lol
  13. Would love to know what SWMBO stands for.... on expatwoman forum here we use DH - darling/dear husband DS- darling/dear son DD- darling daughter As we here use a forum for women we dont use the wife abv..... Anyhow I hope its a nice abbreviation!!!!
  14. Mmmmm lots of people believe in it - mumbo jumbo or not!!!!
  15. My husband is half way through reading this book and has been telling me about it. Clearly it is where I have been going wrong all my life - worrying about trivia, pessimistic and too many negative thoughts lol! Still will give it a try - costs nothing and have nothing to lose!!!!! Positive thoughts - I am thin,I will remain healthy etc etc!!!!!
  16. An 'old' book is in the bestsellers here in UAE named The Secret, is this book as popular in uk at the moment and if so has anyone read it???? Any comments??? For those who don't know about this book it is all about positive thinking and its energy - seems very mumbo jumbo to me but was read and its principles adopted by Winston Churchill (very old book recently reprinted). Would like to hear any views on it Thanks
  17. Just read newspaper article above and it still irates me to have to pay to park your car and go to hospitol..... it really does take the biscuit......
  18. Wollaton vale pub - name escapes me right at this minute.... went to it after its refit a few times, had a nice meal the first time and then it went down hill... any views anyone? I beleive it is part of a chain albeit a small one.
  19. not in uk I know but 2 green parakeets on the peanut feeder....first in the morning and then teatime ishs - this must be via there roosting place I guess.... rather have them than the noisy common mynars on there any day!!!
  20. Sorry firbeck - got side tracked with Australia. Indeed councils do have to provide land but it may not be 'allotment' land it may well be near no water etc.... you will have to enquire as to how it works but as I say Hugh Fernley (river cottage fame) had found the legislation, my step father also heard this. Perhaps google it? There has to be a group of at least 6 individuals.
  21. Would love to hear about Adelaide Stan!!!1