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  1. Funny how money can be 'found' for the above projects isn't it?
  2. Am I right in thinking toby jug was on carlton hill? And, were you on a pub crawl to discover all the above pubs have closed .... if so where did you end up? I was only saying the other night to OH that what a shame it is here that there are no real pubs or even bars for that matter!!! The only licensed places are hotels.... not quite the same! Although one particular hotel has a 'english pub' in it called the Dhow and Anchor' with lurvely red leather traditional seats and wood panelling!
  3. Yes, dave and val, glad someone can remember the undertakers (my great grandparents)... Bramcote street at the time had a large house called Bramcote house - this was used as a home for nurses and midwives before its demise (actually on picture the past) my grandmothers sister was a midwife and lived there until she died of cancer in her 30s or 40s. What a shame that this house was pulled down when you think what has been put up in its place - Modern housing!!!! Whoever devised that lot of architectual rows of houses that is there now wants shooting!
  4. Your cheek again! No, nowhere near brighton - try the sandpit!
  5. Valikirie - what a load of c****
  6. Dave would you remember my relatives who lived on Forster street and had the undertakers (from their house) they were the Hughes.
  7. Yes, last 'winter' before we arrived they had terrible floods here..... when it rains it rains... for all the UAE is meant to be the inferstructure (sp) leaves something to be desired - not mainy surface drains.. so quickly floods!!! However this is a rare event so your brother had bad luck!We did have a terrible sand storm the other day mind
  8. Not allowed with a camera on a beach here!!!!!!
  9. Laugh if you dare - gone with the wind dr zhivago yes I know OLD so what about kevin and perry deer hunter highlander
  10. Spring? Whats that? Here its just hot, hotter or even hotter!!!! Dreading may time when we start boiling!
  11. Thanks for the pics - so long ago and still can't remember Simon Ward.... Penny - there were 2 pennys... one looked a lot like goldie Hawn and she went out with Scott Carey (former wraith member) and I remember the other Penny who went out with Greggo (possible child with him?) not sure that she was porn material...... perhaps you are mixing it up with Tara? Tara 'Bardot' of the sunday sport paper! She may have gone out with Greggo - she went out with a few shall we say -she was not very tall but very pretty, a little pamela anderson - hence doing glamour modelling I guess. Is this the one you
  12. Sorry - you are right of course!!! Where is the guildhall.... I started at the new crown court before having to go to the shire hall
  13. Yeah - I liked them too and banana splits.....I know people slate them but I remember Berni Inns as a child and whenever we used to go I would love going (not that often) I was always allowed a martini and lemonade (possibly only 12 at the time - liberal parents) can you imagine that happening now????? Prawn cocktail to start and then steak and chips! Have moved on from this culinary delight I have to say!!!!! When you think what totally rubbish pub chain food there is now... or is it me? Still, here a 3 course meal will set you back at least 70 quid a head and thats not even with a whiff of
  14. It is now a museum - I went a few years ago - galleries of justice. They did a mock court case... it was strange being back in there as this is where I was sent!
  15. You are really lucky if you get a good case! The waiting around that happens is a pain and sometimes you are chosen to do it and then its cancelled at last minute as the case has either been dropped or they pleaded guilty before hand. Mine was a petty thief who was found not guilty- its really difficult to draw a conclusion cos one minute you think yeah they did it and the next you think they're innocent... needless to say I was the youngest juror that day and I was dreading the one in the dock saying 'no I don't want her' as they can do... I did have unusual coloured hair at the time!!!
  16. Can anyone beat this - I did jury duty aged 19!!!! Had to go to the old court in lace market!!!
  17. Not sure about big brother - never watched it...... Best guy out of the first line up of wraith was Jed - he put up with a lot of greggos antics.
  18. Did a quick google on wraith and greggo is still flogging it - sounds just the same... but looks very different (my friend who saw him a year ago said he had skin head hair cut) he looks very different... have to say years ago his hair was his best feature... that and in leather tight jeans - shame about the state of his brain. Having had to pack all my stuff last year I chose to keep and bring all vinyl and guess what a wraith 7 inch single is amongst it - given not paid for I hasten to add....
  19. Punky Wayne was in deuce I think before! Also Greggo before wraith... saw them play down mardi gras many years ago. Apparently Wayne is into surfing now (as in the sea) I believe Greggo is still around was spotted a year or so ago with a skinhead type of hair do - possibly still highly volatile man!Don't recognise the name Simon Ward... may recognise the face!!!!
  20. Also the balloon woods was knocked down years ago.... is he living in the woods?
  21. Perhaps thats him .... would be well in his 40s I would imagine.....sometimes he would come into the tap and tumbler before rock city and we girls would leg it cos he really stunk!
  22. There used to be a large longhaired guy who's job was to collect glasses in the salutation I believe.... he was definately ga ga..... some say too many drugs!!! Is this chap still floating around? He was also a regular at rock city in late 80's.. My only hope now is he's not a member on this forum!!! ps. The term 'axe man' was my friends and I!!!!
  23. Peter lords - 'clarks' has been there since the 1970 Have I read right has dolcis gone through?'s... is it still there now?
  24. My god, I'd forgotten about the milkshakes (reckon I had chocolate) and the plastic tomato for the sauce.... Am I right... was it proper table service and nothing like todays wimpeys? Incidently where I am now, although we have the usual mcdonalds - self serv and food courts... at least any coffee shop you go into there is proper table service, with nice crockery etc and not the usual queue with your tray and pay before you've drunk it! Yes there are the costa coffees and starbucks etc but even there its brought to your table!!!
  25. Maybe that was the case - always remember a chocolate nut sundae in there served in a metal sundae dish - you may laugh,but it was a treat!