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  1. I'm sure you are right Firbeck.I understand some of the men in the firing squad deliberately missed.Can't blame 'em.
  2. Just been reading an interview with Syd Dernley,a month before he died.Seemed a different character from Albert Pierrepoint,who liked to treat the condemned with dignity.Most of us would not be willing to do the job he did but he seemed to enjoy it.The Home Office removed him from the list of Official Assistant Executioners.He didn't say why but suspected it may have been for an unsavoury comment he made.Another point regarding Dernley is that he was convicted of publishing obscene material and sentenced to 6 months imprisonment.Don't know any further details.
  3. I wonder if it was sold and if so how much it went for ?
  4. Yeah,Adnams is one of my favourite brews.
  5. Yes,Henry Albert was his father and Thomas was his uncle.Timothy Spall gave an excellent performance playing Albert although the description of him being the "Last Hangman" is factually incorrect.Referring back to my post on Syd Dernley I think I am right in saying he was only ever an assistant - never the "No 1" at an execution.
  6. Also being auctioned is the tape measure he used to measure out "the drop."
  7. Mick,the executioner from Mansfield was Syd Dernley.
  8. Yeah,I wear my poppy.I went walking with The Ramblers on Sunday and we stopped for 2 minutes silence at 11.00am.The Poppy Appeal is hugely successful.Apparently they made 37 million this year.However,you will always get cynics - including those who choose to wear a white one.I understand that they have sold a 1,000 times more red ones than white ones so maybe there is a message there.My dad was in Squadron 66 Royal Air Force - a major player during the Battle of Britain.Those who fought in the war made tremendous sacrifices in order that we enjoy the freedom we have today.My mum had to go on
  9. Jobsworth attitude isn't it ?! I remember reading of a traffic warden who gave a parking ticket to a hearse.They have no common sense - that's why people have no respect for them.
  10. Bip,I strongly recommend the bratwurst sausages.The beer is very expensive but genuine.I have never tried sauerkraut - doesn't seem to have the same appeal over here as it does in Germany.
  11. By comparison I loved the ice rink and German Market of last year which re-opens next week. Apart a nice bustling atmosphere created by the ice pad, there was excellent German beer and sausages on sale nearby. Yeah Stu,I love the German Christmas Markets which lots of cities and towns have over here now.The beer is very expensive but at least it's the genuine thing and brought over from Germany.Those bratwurst sausages are fantastic - very tasty and real sausages - a lot better than those American hotdog rubbish ones.The steakburgers are great too.
  12. Saw a photo of this in the paper today.Looks very impressive.Anybody out there been to see it ? It's in the Old Market Square isn't it but whereabouts there ?
  13. Johnathon Woss - what a joke Brand....... an even bigger joke I agree Frank.Jonathan Ross is a TV Personality who thinks he's a comic.Russell Brand is a second-rate comedian in the same mould as Bill Bailey and all the other bores who are on the panel of Never Mind The Buzzcocks,who think they are funny.Effing and blinding on TV is not acceptable no matter what time of day it is but these so called comedians seem to think it is in order to do this. The person I would like to see get his come-uppance is the arrogant,big-mouthed. car bore Jeremy Clarkson.Earlier this week he made a distast
  14. Yeah,Zab,that's Caphouse Colliery - a brilliant day out with the tours being run by friendly ex-miners.It's the only mine in England where you can go down the pit in one of those cages - 450 feet.Highly recommended for those interested in our industrial heritage.
  15. Hi Firbeck, I was always pretty philisophical whenever Forest beat Liverpool.It was the best way to be,after all,I was living and working down there and had lots of working colleagues and mates who were Forest fans.I lived in Stapleford for nearly 10 years and my local pub was The Magpie.A guy in there used to pull my leg when I wore my Liverpool F.C. jumper.He would say,"Russ,how you have the nerve to come into a pub full of Forest fans and called The Magpie,I'll never know." Yeah,I know what you mean about Cloughie.He often used to humiliate his players but he certainly coul
  16. I agree,Stu.Remember the song they used to sing about Joe Baker ? "Joe Baker,Joe Baker, is it true what the Trent End sing you are the King,oh yeah oh yea." (sang to the tune of "Grocer Jack" by Keith West.Finally, regarding Cloughie and Taylor, they were Joint Managers in all but name.
  17. I agree.Peter Taylor must never be regarded as having been Cloughies assistant.They were very much a management team.Pity they fell out and never made it up before Peter died(at least I don't think they did.)However,I read that Cloughie was "moved" when Peter died and at least he attended his funeral.RIP both of you.
  18. Probably nothing,Rob.However,should a Christian speaker start preaching strong views they would probably be arrested !!
  19. Fair point,Rob although I always regarded the Clough-Taylor management team as a partnership.Ian Storey-Moore - good left-winger.Didn't Cloughie parade him on the pitch at the Baseball Ground introducing him to the fans as a Derby County player - and then he ends up signing for Man Utd ?
  20. Spot on.If you did that now you would no doubt be "moved on."
  21. I would love to see some postings about Forest's 2 European Cup wins and their league title.I'm a Liverpool fan so it was not a good time to be one when Forest "interrupted" our success.Here's you chance to reminisce.
  22. I suppose you still get them but do you remember the ones who used to stand in Listergate ? My Nottingham days were 1975-1986.I think one of them used to work on the cheese counter in Burtons grocers "inside" the council house.Usually,the only people listening to them would be fellow preachers who were "on next." My word though,could they talk ?! Don't think I could talk on ANY subject for as long as they could !
  23. I used to go in all of these at one time.My verdicts below:- Tavern in the Town - all keg, ,so not recommended for it's beer.I used to go in when I first moved down to Nottingham - 1975.I used to talk to a barmaid called Karen who helped welcome me. Fountain - Home Ales pub with the amiable Larry Bednall as landlord.Not known for the quality of it's beer but very lively particularly at weekend. Mortimers Cavern - I'd forgotten about this one and even where it was - somewhere around the back of the Theatre Royal maybe ? Played mostly rock music if I'm thinking of the right place. Flying Hor
  24. I worked in Mapperley in 1975 and the Porchester Fish Bar on Woodborough Road sold superb fish.It came in small,medium or large.Naturally, I always chose large and chips.The fish would be hanging off either side of the plate.Two days a week they sold it fresh.I worked in a bank and me and one of my working colleagues used to use the manager's office to eat them.We could do that coz I was in charge ! The office would stink of fish and chips for the rest of the day but who cared !?