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  1. A hippo girl Xmas ( never all together because of being in far flung places ) 1 plenty of music 2 plenty of merlot 3 no turkey 4 no talk of religion 5 no talk of politics 6 deffo no Tv 7 pressies only to grand kids .....all of us donating to framework , making us feel better as a family, linking us all because we can't be together and getting the true meaning of Christianity 8 Skype simplicity, sincerity and so much easier
  2. Carrington Brookes......been mentioned on here before .... Think he lives Devon .......
  3. Babs saw suchs band play a couple of years ago Col , will try and remember their name now
  4. BHF RR me too..... Im sure I saw Ziggy last night or thought I saw him ( only 2 Merlots ) Then i remembered the house and wondered why it is in such a state ?
  5. Some of you might have noticed a large derelict house on the corner of Derby road and Lenton boulevard. If you drive past at night, there are lights on........does anyone know the story behind this property ? I am sure it once hosted some great parties and had a swimming pool backing onto Cottesmore school ?
  6. I really enjoyed my athletics ,especially at Notts AC and at uni. The biggest problem about Saturday sport was the " Saturday job " which kicked in around 14 and funded my dungeon/ beachcomber/ boat club habit ..... During the winter I was quite happy to give up netball and hockey teams but come summer the sound of the starting gun and the roar of the crowd ( well 3 men and a dog ) would make me ask woolworths for a " career break " till September
  7. Hard to log in, slow and immensely frustrating.......doth that sound like anyone we know ?
  8. Was never good at rugby but could run fast !!!!,
  9. Where is everyone ? Bet they all joined university of the third age !!! ????? I know Lizzie was thinking about it
  10. Oh I WAS good at that , county champion and beyond !!!!!
  11. Never said I was good Lizzie !!!!!!! LOL
  12. Well I'm on the front row and Lizzie is about to shout into my left ear !!!!
  13. Noooo Fly What is really interesting is that we are both in close proximity ,probably competing against one another in the same events ( wondered who nicked me starting blocks !!??? )
  14. Camden brewery Chulls .....now ya talking ....shame there isn't some Camden tunes !! I have never eaten red meat but then I never liked the Berni inns ..... Chicken, fresh fish and my latest indulgence buckwheat .....
  15. BHF Benjamin, how do you know who people are messaging ? Unless of course it was YOU ......?
  16. Yes Kev , that's the one .......I thought I was too young for the thread " you know your getting old when "
  17. Hi Andrew, I believe Dave Turner passed away in 2008..... I sincerely hope I'm wrong, does anyone else know ?
  18. RR does Gilly have the star at Beeston as well as the jockey ?
  19. Happy memories of Wellington school, very traditional building and lovely children, not so sure about the staff.....some very old school and the head was a mr Barrett ...... Was living south Manchester at the time, so it was bus and train ( no trams back then )
  20. Gosh that brings back memories Jill .....teaching practice !!!!!! the lecturers assigned to watching you perform miracles in the classroom ( one of mine had 52 pupils in ) were failed teachers who were in no way equipped to help you through those stressful weeks . My first practice was a comprehensive in Bury town centre, second one a primary school in pendlebury Lancs and the third Moss side in Manchester .......