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  1. As I have said before, good teachers are born not made , and I see no need whatsoever for violence to achieve discipline .... I like fly , was constantly smacked at school by poor teachers not satisfying my enquiring mind . This led to me becoming rebellious and non conformist in my teenage years...... I then went into education, listening to the needs of my pupils and worked some of the most deprived schools in England without any disrespect or disruption.... So in a way the grammar system I was educated under gave me the courage to give my children and my pupils more self worth and conformist values .....
  2. Could it once have been the Bately red cross hospital Derby road Nottingham ?
  3. The building directly behind the Octagon is the now defunct broadgate school house...... A modern house " one degree west " was built on the playground .....could the red cross have hired the school after hours ?
  4. Alison Steadman in Gavin and Stacey.....sooo good with Larry Lamb ..... She has such a talent in making people believe it is all real ...... My mum still watches the evacuees Kath ..... she was brought up in the Jewish faith , evacuated to north Wales during the war and offered roast pork for Sunday dinner !!!!,
  5. I'm with you on that one Kath ......timeless
  6. Would this have been part of Clinton terrace Jill ?
  7. Not forgetting the fondue set and habitat chicken brick ......and if you liked to entertain "like Abigail ", the height of sophistication was an awful Tupperware thing with twiglets, peanuts and other h'douvres on it.... Today it's Tapas !!!!!!
  8. What great pictures.... When my mum and dad built their house in the late 1960's they had that same orange wrighton kitchen, G plan Danish furniture, and dralon sofa from Sankeys in sandiacre..... They still live in that same house but sadly the kitchen and the furniture has been replaced.... Would be very retro and on trend today
  9. I rest my case Fly ..... Why isn't your granddaughter finding a job outside the enclave of the m25 ? And I'm sorry to tell you the world does revolve round the capital, as it always has done .....
  10. The problem here Loppy, is that after university, the jobs worth having are in London ... Not only do the youngsters have to pay off uni fees, they are faced with high rental costs, long expensive commutes and never getting onto the property ladder ..... Post brexit has left gloom and doom in London and sometimes the life of a " burger flipper " seems rather more preferable !!!
  11. I am looking to buy in London, NIGHTMARE ....... A one bed box of a flat , not in a nice area , not near the tube 700k !!!!!!!!!
  12. I agree with Lizzie , knit one, pearl one ........
  13. Oh Fly , that can't be true..... Always new adventures , new experiences, new people to meet.... The fun may be different to what it was before but it should still be as exciting ? !!!!!
  14. Well I think I have lost the plot !!!!!! Or the patience to work it all out..... No doubt we will eventually get use to the new format but like Loppy says, not as much fun or addiction as before
  15. They are the options I am seeing....click on browse , activity and forum and I get the same ....is that right or should they all be different ?
  16. Browse ,activity and forum all comes up the same for me as Forum..... Anyone get this ? Not sure what I'm supposed to see on the three different aspects but if I'm not posting my usual banter and words of wisdom, it's because I can't access not because I have left the country !!!!!
  17. Thanks again Kev for your help ... down here in London all on nottstalgia is horizontal and the merlot is still flowing !!!!!! So not sure what's happened ?
  18. I was thinking more of last of the summer wine without Norah .....won't name the culprits but if the cap fits ?
  19. Thanks Kev, Deleted bookmark.....tried google browser ....no difference Never mind ......will just put up with it as it is
  20. I am quite happy to take up a new challenge but need to know how to get the vertical lettering horizontal ? Can anybody help or is this how it stays ?
  21. Still all vertical !!!! Is it me or anyone else experiencing vertical headings ?
  22. When I click on activity Kev, the headings to the topics are vertical ... Its bad enough when you are sober but a couple of Merlots this eve !!!!......I will be posting vertically but me , myself and I will be horizontal
  23. I see browse and activity, When I click on browse I get the vertical lettering When I click on activity it just brings up the last post on the thread .... So how will radfordred ressurect posts from 2006 ? LOL Dont worry will try again later .....just wondered what the vertical lettering was doing
  24. Thanks Jill and Loppy for your reassurance and support ......it is deffo me getting older not the iPad !!!!! Kev.....has the new content title gone ? Why do I see vertical lettering at the start of each topic, when I only had one glass of merlot last eve ?