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  1. mrs eaches shop became a house and in 1983 i bought a house where prices shop was...
  2. can anyone remember the Don Juan coffee bar on Parliament street?
  3. Gordon Long owned the hippo club...think he lived at Keyworth but can't remember his daughters name. It was such a great place to work and i would love to get some of the old crowd together again. can you remember Alex the DJ who also worked sandpipers
  4. sounds like you are in for a good evening...use to go to the old arriba, and went a few years back to the new one....am quite enjoying the motown northern soul nights that are springing up around notts
  5. started my club life with the dungeon where great acts like steam packet( long john, rod stewart, Julie driscoll) lead me to see Jimmy Cliff ,..Jimmmy James and the great Jimmy Hendrix at the beachcomber. Friday and Sunday nights were spent in the Brit, Boat and the Union clubs at Trent bridge. We all use to gather outside Saxones and get the bus down Arkwright street, past Selectadisc .The pigalle, colemans, flying horse,bodega and many more places would take mer down the nostalgic route...i then left nottingham for a student life in Manchester where i worked some of the best clubs in England..the twisted wheel. time and place and the legend that was Blinkers where George Best spent many an evening....Worked the Hippo club in 1971 and became part of the sandpiper, babel set ...would love to hear from anyone who has tales to tell .....ps am still into my music and the odd night clubbing!
  6. thanks beefsteak...have just rejoined the nottingham club scene as an oldie with the same gusto i had back then!...any of you lot still doing town?
  7. i worked at the hippo club in 1971..Tony was the manager, Gordon long the owner and Alex Smith the DJ ( he also worked sandpipers club on broadway)...the crowd was great and Brian the doorman kept everyone in check...what happened to everyone from the summer of 71?...come on guys, i feel a reunion coming on !!!!