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  1. 1 minute ago, LizzieM said:

    I know so many people who were there that night (or at least SAID they were there). I spent a lot of time at the Dungeon but thankfully I wasn’t there on that eventful night, probably because I’d seen the Drifters many times before and I wasn’t allowed to go to all-nighters in any case :(

    Incidentally it was by googling Dungeon Club that led me to Nottstalgia 6 years ago! 

    Me too Lizzie .....as you know I have documented the dungeon club days along with most of the Nottingham clubs and my research led me to nottstalgia .....we now are involved with the reunion group which has brought so many of us together again .....I was there on the night of the raid but I think that was my last visit as the beachcomber and boat clubs became more current 

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  2. 15 hours ago, LizzieM said:

    Been in the Lincolnshire Poacher tonight to listen to a friend of ours and his mate performing, (Baron Lewis) they apparently have live music in there on a Sunday night.  We’d never heard him singing before and we’re pleasantly surprised, it was a great night.  Walked there and back from home as it’s not too far but slipped over on the icy pavement when I was nearly home, landed on my bum and hurt my wrist. It’s not swollen but really painful right now.  Hopefully it’ll be improved in the morning!

    hope you feeling better Lizzie, too much Merlot on Mansfield road, stick to lattes in Deliliah !!!!LOL 

    of course until we get together in that undisclosed location at the end of each month , when you need a few Merlots to keep pace with the music and the people 

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  3. As a teacher it was difficult to not associate a name with a certain pupil .... 

    Guys of my generation certainly were all true to their names 

    Rogers......Dodgers, characters , intelligent 

    Daves......laid back. Smooth talking, spiritual 

    Trevs....... Wide boys, naughty, fun 

    Micks..........usually Irish , argumentative, flashy 

    Tonys...... Good dancers, scooter owners, neat 

    Steves......good manners, music lovers, boy next door 

    Grahams.....conservative , loyal , steady 

    Pauls....kind , aspirational, appreciative.

    Nigels.....conceited,  ambitious,  players 

    Andrews.... Sporty, charming, affectionate 

    Peters.....talkers, organisers, drinkers

    Timothys.....thinkers , musicians, free spirits.

    Keiths......reliable. Kind. Thoughtful

    Alans..... Noisey, lively, flirty 

    Brians.....loud, sociable, generous

    Johns .......creative, attentative, sensible

    Richards.......sporty, confident  , car lovers 

    etc etc etc....no offence intended to any Nottstalgian 


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