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  1. perhaps it was me that gave you the chocolate bar!! Now that would be something! !jumping!
  2. Is there anywhere I can find a map of the area we are talking about, i.e. in the days of the wash houses ,1950's? Just for a bit of nostalgia that is, or any pics of the area?
  3. are you both telling me that my dad wasn't from Carlton? Now that will be a surprise!
  4. [Thanks for finding Clarence Street, my Dad from what I can remember lived in Clarence Terrace! Umm anyway it was a house at the top of a typical terrace with toilet across the yard. Didnt go there much but my Gran used to spend every Monday at the local wash house, story goes that she packed up a lunch and gossiped all day!
  5. The Ritz sounds very grand for what I know of Carlton! No insult intended as I only know that my dad lived there as a lad and visited there in the 1950's. Wouldn't recognise it now, He lived in Clarence Street.
  6. I remember helping with evening performances and having to show customers to either the left side for smokers or the right side for non smokers!! Now where was the reasoning behind that brainwave!
  7. Hello there, just wondered if anyone out there could remember the Savoy cinema holding it's Saturday film sessions for kids. I was friendly with the managers daughter, ( he was Mr Silvers) and I used to help sell the sweets down at the front! What street cred eh? I used to live off Willoughby Street so not far to go with my 6D for my ticket and 3D for sweets. Ah those were the days, we even had a visiting guest sometimes, i.e. the yo-yo champion of the world!! Well I thought that was who it was!
  8. Hi, I wasn't at Bentinck!!! That's a good start, but my friend and her brothers were. Rita Krzeminski, do you remember that name? She had brothers, Marek and Noel. They lived down Alfreton Road near the bottom before the new houses were built. I came upto NOttm last week and met up with Rita. I met her at Cottesmore in 1963. Regards Ashlar
  9. Hi I lived in Lombard Street that led onto Willoughby Street near the Savoy cinema. I remember my brother Philip going to the chip shop for Norman Rossington! He gave him a couple of pennies for his trouble! This has been my claim to fame for years!
  10. ashlar


    Hi can't remember a lot about Abbey Street apart from the fact that we used to walk over it to get to the Lido on University Boulevard. My Mum and Dad used to drink in the Albion Pub at the bottom of Willoughby street near the roundabout with Abbey Street. Do you remember it? Used to know a Colin Woods from round their, ring any bells?
  11. ashlar


    Hi new to the site, does anyone have any memories of around Lenton. I went to the junior school, bought fish and chips from down the lttle shop near Hart Street, must have been a real creep as went their in my lunch hour for the teachers! You wouldn't get away with that nowadays, I know, I teach! We used to walk to the park for games and if we timed it right I would pass my mum waiting for her bus at the bottom of Church St to go to Players. I went to Brownies in the church hall and remember the Oliver Hinds Boys Club on Willoughby St. Ashlar,