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  1. My Dad and His brother worked for Jackson removals in the 60's
  2. I believe it was his brothers' shop. My cousin worked there for a while
  3. Neil


    I was born in '56 and went to Bluebell hill school. Lived at 12 Alfred Street South (the back yard was on Gordon Road) near a corner shop as I remember. I used to play in Stewarts Place (nice tree lined area I recall) and I seem to remember a "Mrs Coffee" in factit might have been next door. Moved in '62 to a house on Bluebell Hill road near the junction of St. Bartholomews Rd (Donkey Hill).In fact both my brother and myself lived on Donkey Hill but at different times in different houses.
  4. Yes my Dad worked in the office there. When my mum took me shopping in the Co-op we would shout to Him and He looked out of the window and waved to us. Magic time as I didn't see a lot of Him due to the shifts he worked.At weekends worked with his brother for Jacklin (?) removals..
  5. Still there, went past it the other day. Corner of Thomas Close
  6. Sorry you've got the wrong place. It was at the top of the escalaters opposite Whimpey's Yes it was a furniture shop
  7. My dad worked at Talbot street he used to wave to me and mum when we went shopping at the Co-op His name was Douglas Eric Pendleton (known as Eric)
  8. Anyone remember the TV ad with the gentleman with a wobbly lunch box "When You walk through the door Your pounds worth more" "At Williams Where Else"
  9. Hi Mick. Yes I do it was on the corner of Alfred St South and Gordon Road almost next door. BTW I believe you know my brother-in-law Jon Vincent
  10. 1966 and all that. Just make sure you take plenty of batteries and memory cards.....
  11. I use to play in Stewarts Place just off Alfred Street south. Our house use to back onto Gordon road. Used to go to Blue Bell Hill School (original one)
  12. I'm sure it was at Arkwright Street Station on the GCR